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  1. so meat do you have any surprise guys or favorites that will be in the top 4 would love to hear about them.
  2. sorry then thought you were . and thank you for your time and work you do to help the wrestling community in Brownsburg if i had more time and less kids i would love to do what you and many other coaches do
  3. its stupid because i explained i didnt have time to coach in fact I have been offered a chance on 2 seperate occasions for 2 seperate teams. If I cant do something 100% dedicated and commited i dont do it
  4. wasnt insulting you just responding to your stupid comment. so like you i use the word stupid to describe stupid things (your last comment)
  5. We are not paying you to guess small fry in fact we are not paying you at all . So stick to your day job and grow a couple inches while your at it.......................
  6. its never to early meat what do you think about the picks
  7. there was no fight it was 2 guys talking loud at each other and there were no kids involved at all. but i agree more club coaches should apply for jobs it would make the SAC better problem is time . who has time to coach a HS team and his club team and still have time for his family
  8. MEAT great post and very very true ...........and the coaching carasoul that is going on is terrible I agree. I have word Luers is not shutting down wrestling and are trying to find a good coach very close to getting him ( not the cattle rancher lol )
  9. Y2 which one am I tweedle dee or dum lol................I must be tweedle dee because tweedle dum wouldnt have had such good picks .............I never heard your opinion on them guess that must mean they were really good
  10. but i dont know meat so i wont speak on him.
  11. Well lets clarify some coaches who actually coached at a high school (especially here in Fort wayne) have done more bad than good for wrestling in this area.So thats first second I can vouch for the General he didnt start any fight the other guy did (whose son was losing to one of the Generals students) I was there and saw the whole thing
  12. i hope you are wrong meat .maybe with better coaching , recruiting along with some help at the middle school level (wrestling clubs, ROTC and Indiana techs help) it will be back to the great conference it was
  13. probably not meat but your right just hope and pray buddy hope and pray
  14. thats the word on the street he moved to ohio
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