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  1. Speaking from my personal experience of cutting weight, I think cutting 1-2 pounds for a tournament isn't bad for the younger kids. What is bad is making them cut weight like high school or college wrestlers. No way should a young kid be cutting 10+ pounds for a tournament. Just let them wrestle their natural weight. 4 years of cutting weight in high school was bad enough for me, I feel like if they start cutting serious weight too early they might not want to continue wrestling.
  2. How do you get cool points? Obviously by my post count I'm relatively new so I don't know this system haha.
  3. Thank you for posting this. I fell way short of my goal this year and this brought a little comfort to me knowing others know exactly what I'm going through too. There's nothing quite as disappointing as working hard to achieve and then falling short.
  4. A two class system doesn't sound that bad. But speaking of the IHSAA, do you think they'd listen to our opinion if we gave a definitive yes we want classed wrestling?
  5. The real question is at what point does classing become handing out the participation ribbons? 3 classes? 4 classes? I'm all for classing if it actually does grow the sport but what we don't need is everybody and their mother being state qualifiers/SS qualifiers. Although it would be interesting to see some of the wrestling mothers wrestle ;D I agree that winning a state championship even in a classed tournament is something special to the kids. But what would become less special in my opinion is your SS qualifiers or Regional qualifiers. They'd be our current regional qualifiers or sectional alternates. How about some helpful suggestions for growing our awesome sport along with classes?
  6. I'm gonna throw my two cents in here, like it matters. If we went to a two-class system it could help those smaller schools produce more state qualifiers, but not necessarily. Just because you have more classes doesn't mean the quality of your wrestlers will go up. There are always gonna be good and bad wrestling schools regardless of size. My belief is that good wrestlers can suffer from bad practice partners. So if a good wrestler attends that small school, how is adding another class going to make him better? I agree that the kids that attend dominant large schools (not all large schools are dominant) have an advantage because wrestling with another state-qualifier every day is going to make you better. But the only way that small school wrestler is going to get better is by going to camps as the big school wrestlers also do. Would a two-class system make the state finals more boring? I suppose that's a possibility, but I don't think it'll go to the extreme of how other states are. Having three classes is a different story. I feel like 3 state champs with our population would be ridiculous. We're just not big enough to need that. So I can see both sides to this argument. We just have to decide whether more state qualifiers would 1) actually bring more attention to the sport or would less attention come because of multiple state champs and 2) grow an interest to build the programs of the smaller schools. Is it worth having multiple state champs so more schools can say they had state qualifiers? That's not really for me to decide. Who says the IHSAA would even listen to our opinion either way?
  7. I watch the hangouts and I definitely think it'd be worth a shot to debate this during one. If you don't pay attention to the hangouts, you're missing out first of all,but also you just wouldn't get to see the debate which is your own choice. For those of us that do watch the hangouts I think it'd be beneficial. We could also take what we got from it back here to the messageboards!
  8. If Red is going 132 next year I hope Lee bumps up a weight class for next year like a lot of people do, and we'll get to see this match! One thing is for sure, Lee isn't gonna dodge Red. And I have Lee winning that matchup ;D
  9. Boston and Stevenson definitely would've been first. Not sure about the other two though.
  10. The future obviously holds great things for this kid! First, and most important in my opinion, he had the class to come up with the idea and the guts to actually go through with it. That kind of maturity as a freshman is outstanding. Second, 8th place as a freshman is a great achievement! I'm looking forward to watching this young man over the next few years.
  11. I'd like to applaud Coach Glogouski specifically for handling that chest bump so well. I can tell you I would not have handled it in the classy way you did. The Glogouski family has always been a class act, whether it be Forrest's loss last year in the ticket round to Phillips or Blake's loss this year to Langeloh in the ticket round, both boys kept their cool and to me that's impressive. Good job as a father and as a coach! With bad behavior on the mat becoming more and more common, it's nice to see there's still excellent sportsmanship around. Congrats on Forrest's career and good luck to Blake his next two years in HS!
  12. Jolas got beat by Shaun Johnson and didnt score a point against Hiestand in the semi-state final. I don't think he comes close to Borta or Corsaro.
  13. As a senior who seems to have really turned it on at the right time, I don't think Micic loses this match. No disrespect to Lee, who is going to have a fantastic career and possibly go down as a top 5 wrestler in Indiana wrestling history, but this is Micic's match to lose. He gets that title this weekend IMO.
  14. 106: Reitz 113: Smith 120: Red 126: Micic 132: Wilson 138: Hughes 145: LeCount 152: Kelley 160: Corsaro 170: Osborn 182: Jankowski 195: Omar 220: Robinson 285: Bernard
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