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  1. My son went to a football camp out west this past summer. After talking to several parents from other places at the camp it seems this is a standard practice in the football world, especially in California and Texas.
  2. Union County is very good. Escalera is a fun kid to watch. He is the real deal.
  3. Can someone explain how Bloomington South is ranked ahead of Castle? Castle won a head-to-head dual 46-19 against Bloomington South on 12/13. Castle's only loss thus far is to #1 Mater Dei. Mater Dei also handed a loss to BS that day so BS has at least two dual losses to Castle's 1. I believe Schermer was out against Castle, but I don't recall any situations where 1 bout could change a 27 point deficit.
  4. I'll take Micic. No disrespect to Red. He is a stud, but Micic is on another level.
  5. I think it's USA weights +2lbs. Have to weigh in with singlet and shoes ready to wrestle.
  6. I could be mistaken but I don't think Jourdan was tech-falled by Todrank. I think the final was 12-3. Still an impressive win by Todrank. He seems to be getting stronger every week.
  7. Agreed. Lee's the real deal. One publication has him Top 5 junior high kids in the country. Seen him in the room several times, and he is impressive. Konrath is a stud too. Will they stay in IN is the question?
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