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Everything posted by panther87

  1. Knightstown Wins first sectional in 20 years!
  2. I have been told he is fully mobile, but may miss the rest of the season. Good news though that he will be fine!
  3. Seeding meeting is tonight we will see what rankings are then.
  4. panther87

    Knightstown vs. Wes-Del

  5. panther87

    Knightstown vs. Cowan

  6. Knightstown
  7. panther87

    Knightstown vs. Tri

  8. Having competed and prepared for Shenandoah multiple times the group of gentleman at the beginning of the year are much different from the group they now have due to injuries and other situations. They would be a hard team to battle with when they have a full line up. Having trained at multiple rtc sites in the offseason the wrestlers at Shenandoah are solid with many that will punch their ticket. Although they are not in the conference many of the conference teams are in the same sectional and will have their hands full in preparing for them. They are a great group of kids who hit a rough pat
  9. Knightstown joined this conference this year.
  10. The first time knightstown wrestled with cambridge city it was the 220 who wrestled 285 not the actual heavy. The two have only met one time this year.
  11. I am trying to register my girl. However, I cannot select our team it is not an option and there is no option to add a new team. The team is Knightstown high school. Help?
  12. panther87

    Knightstown vs. Sheridan

  13. Just emailed you Knightstown's roster.
  14. Knightstown is up to date now with individual results
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