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Posts posted by panther87

  1. 2 hours ago, wrestleliferfan said:

    I mean his health. He is in high school still. He wrestled 138 at conference and was injured. Taken by ambulance possible neck or spine injury. Trying to find out how he is doing? 

    I have been told he is fully mobile, but may miss the rest of the season. Good news though that he will be fine!

  2. 25 minutes ago, Websterk149 said:

    When is the TEC can anyone tell me? I went to Shenandoah but competed against all these schools and would like to come watch this this year if i can..thanks

    Jan. 20th at Centerville

  3. 56 minutes ago, Perseverance said:

    What  @grappleapple is making reference to is the amount of wrestlers we've had out until just a couple weeks ago.  Aside from 113  #2 AJ Black transferring, and 182 #4 Silas Allred just returning from injury the beginning of Dec......Shenandoah had 6 regular varsity guys recently return and just become eligible the week before Team State.  Prior to......we mostly had freshman and JV guys filling out the line-up.  With the exception of 145 #9 Lohrey, previously ranked Pugsley (both State Qualifiers), and 3 other weight classes.

    However......a W is a W.  And we at Shenandoah congratulate Union City on their early victory and wish them success the remainder of the regular season and state series run.  They'll definitely have their work cut out for them in conference.  Knightstown is very solid and well coached (should undoubtedly win conference), and many of the other schools have good coaches & legit wrestlers that can compete on a high level.  A hand full of them.....on a very high level.  Good luck to all the TEC teams battling it out.  We look forward to seeing you guys come sectional & regional.

    Having competed and prepared for Shenandoah multiple times the group of gentleman at the beginning of the year are much different from the group they now have due to injuries and other situations. They would be a hard team to battle with when they have a full line up. Having trained at multiple rtc sites in the offseason the wrestlers at Shenandoah are solid with many that will punch their ticket. Although they are not in the conference many of the conference teams are in the same sectional and will have their hands full in preparing for them. They are a great group of kids who hit a rough patch early in the season but they are warriors and will make alot of noise in their individual runs. Keep up the good work Perseverance!

  4. 8 hours ago, Branden McKinney said:

    I would also disagree on 285, Lincoln’s 285 beat him in a dual meet earlier this season and then lost at knightstown invite.. definitely going to be a good match though! I do agree on Gabe Phillips winning 126, and Elijah Phillips or Hunter Brown at 132. Both very solid wrestlers any thoughts on 120/170?

    The first time knightstown wrestled with cambridge city it was the 220 who wrestled 285 not the actual heavy. The two have only met one time this year.

  5. Not that my two cents matter but being a coach at a small school I know my kids love the system the way it is. My kids want to compete against the best, if they are going to be crowned the best. Now we haven't reached the goals at our school we want, but that is not due to a single class system. It is due to the other guy being better. If changing to a multi class system ups numbers because kids joined that wouldn't have otherwise....do we really want kids whose heart wasn't in it unless the path was easier to represent the sport? The beauty of wrestling is that it is "classed" by "weight" and if you lose or win it is due to your work not the system.

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