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  1. Shelbyville high school is looking for a tournament to join Saturday Jan. 23. If you have a spot open please contact Kyle Shipp athletic director. Kyle Shipp 317-525-2424 kwshipp@shelbycs.org
  2. Class A Winner: Eastern Class AA Winner: Jasper Class AAA Winner: Harrison
  3. HWT 1:Berger 2:Popp 3:Velazquez 4:Schooley 5:Scherer 6:Ice 7:Keevers 8:Chrisman
  4. 220: 1:Pierce 2:Browning 3:Shafer 4:Collon 5:Curtis 6:Jones 7:Olive 8:Woodward
  5. 195: 1:Allred 2:Farrell 3:Funk 4:Bakeis 5:Clevenger 6:Leavell 7:Ordorica 8:Roundtree
  6. 182: 1:Kwiatkowski 2:Stanley 3:Gregory 4:Deacon 5:Dance 6:Wigand 7:Conley 8:Comer
  7. 170: 1:Duncan 2:Schubert 3:Ortel 4:Brown 5:Hughes 6:Ingentio 7:Wilburn 8:Skinner
  8. 160: 1:Noehre 2:Perry 3:Terry 4:Perez-Xochipa 5:Weakly 6:Krom 7:Johnson 8:Mitchell
  9. 152: 1:Boe 2:Thompson 3:Phillips 4:Pollitt 5:Hoyt 6:Hood 7:Shelton 8:Sims
  10. 145: 1:poindexter 2:Fiechter 3:Taylor 4:Giesler 5:Collier 6:Barrett 7:lindamood 8:bailey
  11. 138: 1:Dorman 2:Bayley 3:Stewart 4:Krouse 5:Crouch 6:Wolf 7:Martin 8:Johnson
  12. 132: 1:Owens 2:Martin 3:Gerencser 4:Wickham 5:Tuttle 6:Bustamante 7:Miller 8:Coulter
  13. 126: 1:prechtel 2:vinson 3:Mallott 4:Strueder 5: Martland 6: Gaddy 7: Taylor 8: Seal
  14. 120: 1:White 2:Hein 3:Knox 4:Kinnick 5:Edmond 6:Garcia 7:Alfrey 8:Bray
  15. 113: 1: sprague 2: vitello 3; ingalls 4: necessary 5: stansbury 6: hager 7: trent 8: krieg
  16. 106: 1: Mallott 2: Milanes 3: stewart 4: Rossell 5: Herald 6: Fitz 7: Riley 8: Vanhook
  17. Harrison was winning with 107 and Greenfield Central was in second with 97 that’s all I can remember. That was the last time they announced.
  18. Spartan bowl emptied.....brackets were updated to 132, will update tomorrow.
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