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  1. TeamGarcia

    Moved Conferences

    Yea...... was planning on going but weather and overpaid meteorologist #Fortunetellers really.... really ... put a curveball in the plan. Pistol Pete Smoke of Time can predict weather better than these guys . Either way I’ll be watching wrestling Friday Night which is a good thing . The Notorious
  2. TeamGarcia

    Jeff Dunasky Jr. Indy Star Athlete of the Week

    Congrats and voted , question though. Is Guerin Catholic a new wrestling program in Indiana to be their 1st Conference Champ ?
  3. TeamGarcia

    Moved Conferences

    5pm Start for Hoosier Crossroads (HCC) I’ve been told, plan for long evening of wrestling. The Notorious
  4. TeamGarcia

    Moved Conferences

    Hoosier Crossroads (HCC) has been moved to Friday 5:30 ? At Avon High School. The Notorious
  5. TeamGarcia

    RSN covering DAC 1/12

    When can we expect the finals to start ? The Notorious
  6. TeamGarcia

    Elliott Rodgers CATHEDRAL

    Great read Navy 80. Mr. Rodgers must of read and taking Coach Sanderson quote to another level in those matches . The kid done all of this through out the 3 years we been watching . Great Job Elliott ! “Unless you continually work, evolve, and innovate, you'll learn a quick and painful lesson from someone who has” The Notorious
  7. TeamGarcia

    Cancellations - 12 Jan 19

    HCC at Franklin Central is Cancelled till next Saturday.
  8. TeamGarcia

    State Rankings #6

    Josh, we’re talking about High School wrestlers here . If he’s JV or Varsity really doesn’t mattter. If someone puts in a result on here it’s going on the wrestlers profile. Smh . The Notorious
  9. TeamGarcia

    Best matches (Jan 7 - Jan 12)

    HCC (Hoosier Crossroads) rankings based 1/7/18, let me know if I missed anybody 106- #10 Logan Miller UR- Blaze Garcia UR- Sam Crousure (15-2) 120- #6 Kysen Montgomery #10 Tyler Conley 126- #4 Ray Rioux #7 Logan Wagner #9 Evan Lawhead 132- #1 Asa Garcia #4 Drake Campbell 138- #4 Drew Kreitzer #12 Jaden Reynolds 160- #3 (152) Nathan Conley #10 Peyton Asbury 170- #11 Kyle Saez #14 TJB *Brownsburg long name* 182- #1 Carson Brewer #14 JD Ferrell 220- #3 Andrew Irick #10 Lawson Aiken #15 Deshawn Young 285- #5 Dorian Keys #10 Antone Alexander #14 Crae Kunkleman
  10. TeamGarcia

    notable matches and upsets week of 1-2-19

    Fans still got their admission worth 170 #1 South (W) vs 160 #1 Washington #1 Garcia (W) vs. #2 Viduya #1 Rooks (W) vs. #2 Frieji #3 Brownsburg over National Ranked & #1 Cathedral I’ve lost count Ranked matches head to head . Great Day of Wrestling from all . The Notorious
  11. TeamGarcia

    notable matches and upsets week of 1-2-19

    Again, wrestling above their seed . I think I was right on that Prediction vs. Roncalli this year to last . @Indysportsfan 2018- (37-18) +19 2019- (45-23) +22
  12. TeamGarcia

    notable matches and upsets week of 1-2-19

    106 UR- Blaze Garcia over #13 Kody Glithero Roncalli 5-4
  13. TeamGarcia

    Team State Predictions???

    Stole a Meme The Notorious
  14. TeamGarcia

    3A Team State

    Is it just me that noticed in MattyB post that he was just asking you Wrestling People a question Why ? I’m bit confused . Smh
  15. TeamGarcia


    Asa Garcia

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