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  1. Jacob Williams SP 220 out back injury
  2. You are correct on the State Duals. Let me say that when coaches permit kids to come into a match with an attitude and carry that attitude thru the entire match, walk away throw their head gear down, do not shake the other coaches hands and carry on with an attitude for 10-15 minutes after a match its an issue in my book. I give the SP kid credit for not having an attitude and accepting his 2nd place medal with respect.
  3. 2 seperate videos have been viewed.
  4. 220 SP kid up 10-1 gets face planted no call. then is working his way out of the half, inadvertent move of his head cuts the others kids brow. official calls it an intentional SP kid loses the match due to the call. per video review it clearly is not intentional. boils down to a bad call and a no call. SP kid gets 2nd.
  5. South Putnam places 6th Champions in 182, 195, 2nd 220 really first 285 3rd 113 4th 138 5th 152 5th Tanner Thompson 182 award most points on the day,
  6. Milan's heavyweight is 220 and is 6-0 ranked 9th in New Castle Semi-State. SP HWT went 3 rounds with a decision to Milan 5-0. Harris is wrestling 195
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