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  1. One is wrestling at Indiana Tech Fort Wayne (NAIA) and I believe the other is wrestling at Manchester
  2. Looks like same line up as last year. Is Jasper strong again as they were in 2012/13? I believe Bedford North Lawrence is down after loosing 182 & 285 both to graduation (with both of them now wrestling college). Has Princeton coming back to being strong?
  3. Prayers going up for this young man and his family. Have watched the Jennings County program for the past 4 seasons with nothing but respect for them. Coach Jones does a great job with these young men; will never forget a tournment we attended and durning the lunch break the JC team started dancing (actually doing wrestling warm ups) to the music and then openly encouraged the other teams to join in. By the time the break was over all 4 mats were filled with all the teams doing the same moves to the musice just having fun. A real good program.
  4. My son attended this day in April of 2012 and this fall he will be wrestling for Coach Ester at Tech. This is an outstanding day to visit the school; very informative and really gives a kid a chance to get the feel for the school the wrestling program and the coaching staff. Proud to be a Warrior dad now.
  5. BOG190 - What I am talking about is the no shaking at all; it is the shaking only when the win and not when they lose (this is bad sportsmanship) The fist pumps i totally understand from a germ stand point I know of one wrestlers that actually spent an entire Christmas break in the hospital due to a staph infection from another wrestler Concerning the wreslter that made the action to the crowd yes the ISHAA needs to step in and do something this is uncalled for no matter what sport or what grade they are in
  6. I attended the Bloomington South regional and saw a lot of great matches and lot of great sportsmanship expect from one time. I wont pull any punches I will name that team BLOOMINGTON NORTH. This is the third time I have seen them wrestle and it is the same thing every time; refusel or half hearted hand shakes at end of matches and no hand shakes for coaches. This all changes if they win; sorry to say this does not happen a lot. During the regional after one match the Bloomington North kid took his band off threw his head gear and walked from the mat. The offical went to the Bloomington North coach and spent a great deal of time talking to him for the coach to even wave his hand at the offical and walk away. This is a situation that needs to be dealt with either by the local school or the state. The way a team acts is a direct reflection of the coach and it has shown all season that this coach has no respect to sportsmanship. I honestly feel bad for the kids and for the great sport of wrestling.
  7. Saw some outstanding wrestling yesterday at Bloomington South hats off to all the kids that wrestles. Yet on sad thing was observed and it was dealing with Bloomington North. You could tell their kids were giving it their all; but every time one would lose they would never go shake the oppesing teams coaches hands. They even would not either shake their oppent or if they did it would be a half hearted shake. One offical even went to the Bloomington North coach concerning this and he acted as if it was no big deal. Now with a Bloomington North wrestler won they would go shake the other coaches hands. I have competed since I was five until my mid twenties when i started coaching for a few years at the high school level. I know how it feels to lose one that you gave it your all; yet that is no excuess for what I see as poor sportsmanship. I dont blame the wrestlers for these actions i blame the coach your team is a true reflection of yourself and who and what you stand for. So if you continue to allow such behavior this must mean that you dont hold sportmanship to be very improtant. I have had the privalge to watch my son wrestle in high school and now college and I must say that the Bloomington North program by far has shown the lowest rating in sportsmanship of any team. I have seen them wrestle three times this year and each time it has been the same. I think these actions are bad for an amazing sport and most of all bad for the kids in the sports.
  8. wow so sorry to hear that about the FC wreslter; have watched him wrestle over the years a good kid. So sorry to hear that; is he going to try and wrestle in college do you know.
  9. what happened at 182lbs looks like the FC wrestler that was seeded #1 did not make it out; Jeff got 2nd? Providance 1st with Corydon 3rd and New Albany 4th?
  10. WOW that was amazing I have seen that happen plenty of times with that much time left but never seen it called a stall. The problem I see most of the time is early in the period and wrestler will start doing the back away or when locked up will back out of the circle so to get a restart. Those are the ones I would like to see called a stall. This one was weak yet he had already been warned once.
  11. Good luck to all the wrestlers in the Jeff sectional especially the HHC ones (just kidding) ALL THE WRESTLERS
  12. Less than 24hrs now till the sectionals start. Should be some outstanding wrestling tomorrow. Best of luck to all the wrestlers.
  13. LOL OldIndy; yes with a name Wolfpack most likely he is from CC and working the old head game LOL.
  14. Wow that is harsh Wolfpack; so his record i take it is full of forfiets?
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