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  1. I don't understand how people in the state can put together 10+ teams to go to VA Beach or Disney but we can't fill the SB, Cadet, and Junior teams. I know the fact that they are FS/GR makes a difference but what else? I'm not trying to start a major debate but it is disturbing to see 4 forfeits out there. It would be a major disappointment for my wrestler to be on a team that walks in with a 24 point deficit. I know my son has let teams down by choosing not to or being unable to participate once or twice so I fully understand the many reasons that could keep someone from participating
  2. We are sorry to hear that. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.
  3. 5th place out of 150+ teams is pretty impressive for an all IN team! I believe that Team Kong United won the whole thing and that was their only loss. Congrats to IN High Rollers Black! Awesome job to all of the other boys that went out and represented IN on the other teams also. It is a great way to start the Summer.
  4. Sounds right for the score. On Hughes, I heard he was winning and was called on a defensive pin. No idea on 145 and 152.
  5. Ranked Alan Hart is who Bailey wrestled and pinned. Not sure how but the team score is 21-15 HR on Swank. Swank lost in points but I do not know score. Hughes up now against Bell. I believe Bell is the guy who gave Mark Hall a scare at the Dapper Dan this year.
  6. Larson and Parris have been alternating between 220 and 285 This is who they have now: Team Nauman Goofy 106 Andrew Cerniglia 8th PJW State Champion 113 Connor Brown 11 3X MO State Champ 120 Jake Cherry 11 PA State Qualifier; NHSCA Junior National 5th 126 Alan Hart 11 OH State 3rd; NHSCA Junior National Champion 126 Connor McGonagle 9 NE Runner-up; NHSCA Freshman National Champion 138 Dallas Bulsak 11 PA States 8th 145 Dustin Marteney OH State Champion 8 152 Jimmy Saylor 12 PA State Runner Up; NHSCA Senior Nationals 4th 160 Jake Wentzel 12 2X PA State Champion 170 Austin Bell
  7. 27-13 and we get to see Parris and Schultz now!
  8. I'm not sure since there is no actual score but Hughes won and I think that makes it 21-13. Came Jones up against IA state champ Lyons now.
  9. Down 21-9 with losses at 152 and 160. One Drew Hughes now.
  10. 220 is the freshman phenom that beat them both at scholastic duals. Today is a new day though and one of them will get a chance to beat him. HWT is just a monster. Team is down 15-6 now with losses at 138 and 145.
  11. On Black now. Team is up 9-6. They won at 113, 126, 132. This is who they are wrestling. 106 Matt Griffin 10 3rd nys 2 106 Malik Heinselman 10th Co st champ , double Fargo national champ, world team member 3 113 Adam Busiello 9th 2x ny champ, super 32 champ, Fargo all American 4 120 Matteo Devincenzo 12th 2x ny champ nhsca all American 5 126 Jacori Teemer 10th 3x ny state champ 6 132 Alex Felix 10 Reno World champ.2nd NHSCA National, 3rd,4th CA State,, 7 132 Jake Silverstein 10 2nd NYS, 2nd NHSCA Nationals 8 138 Kanen Storr 12th 3x Michigan state champ Sr nhsca national
  12. I was going to ask the same thing. I thought it was based on non-senior placement at state. Maybe that is the case and all placers declined in a few spots.
  13. It is nice to see Marian filling their first line-up with quality Indiana boys.
  14. Why would this win over Pletcher be different than his last 2 wins over Pletcher?
  15. The Junior groups seem larger than usual which is great! Did anyone else notice Nathan Walton's jump to 195?
  16. As of 2/4, it looks like he was ranked #1 at 141 on Intermat NJCAA rankings at North Idaho. I do not see him in the top 8 today so maybe someone else can update from there.
  17. Pruett is listed as a Junior on the IHSAA bracket but I thought he was a senior. Now that I see Bam on list, maybe it was right. Anyone know what grade he is in for sure?
  18. The criteria is that the top 2 seniors are invited, it is not a fan vote or coaches call. I would love to hear your theory behind why some of the top seniors may not be invited though. By Criteria, that would mean that Red has the #1 spot if he wants it. It also means that the senior that won 182 and the senior that placed 2nd would be invited, not Irick. That would also put Guhl and Hipple on the list if they want the spots, not Woods. It is in IL this year, not IN so wrestlers not being "local" should not be a factor. The Pittsburg Wrestling Classic is weeks away from this event. I
  19. Except that mean mug he was trying so hard to put on in the intros. I was dying watching him because he was almost straining to keep that serious mean face. It is unnatural for him since he is almost always smiling.
  20. Ruberg and Warren in the ticket round? That is just not right.
  21. I agree. I think Hughes would beat Davison also. I should note that I am a Walton fan but we are talking about Drew Hughes here.
  22. It looks like that post was made before sectionals so it was still up in the air.
  23. Didn't that happen last year also?
  24. My top 3 for fun (without consideration of potential bracket placement): 106 Rooks, Mills, Curtis 113 Cummings, White, Triana 120 Hildebrandt, Glogouski, Reitz 126 Bailey, Hudkins, Torres 132 Red, Lee, Melloh 138 Lee, Eldred, Coy 145 Lee, Vaughn, Timberman 152 Lawrence, McCormick, Johnson or Dunn 160 Covaciu, Bane, Ruberg 170 Hughes, Hughes, more Hughes 182 Rypel, Jones, Davison 195 Stewart, Tonte, Wilderman 220 Woods, Parris, Larson 285 Streck
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