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  1. Both! Coach Tonte is the new head coach of WC and I'm sure his boy will be a great addition to the already loaded lineup! Watch out Marion County and the state as there is a new Sheriff in town this year!
  2. Indiana wrestling is so behind in all aspects of wrestling and everyone complains about the ihsaa but the iswa is almost as bad!!! they don't even seperate kids on the same team!!! I have never understood how hard it would be to seed based off of past preformances but they are not interested!!! atleast they have added their own criteria finally but it has taken years of asking and finally someone kid was affected by this so they finally made the discision to seperate past iswa state champs....finally a small step in the right direction now if we could add national accomplishments as well!!!
  3. ohio school breakdown division 1 : 131 division 2 : 141 division 3 : 134
  4. what does the teams in indiana versus ohio have to do with forfeits??? ja
  5. finaols was last friday so they had to study for the end of the nine weeks!!! Academics with thos ekids are important as well (corsaro and bernard)
  6. My son smashed his trophy once we got home and was cleaning out the car from our trip!!! No one seen himbesides myself and we had a discussion about his actions and i made things perfectly clear to him about his decisions. with that being said i don't think my son disrespected anyone or the sport but i do think he could have been a little more subtle about how he handled the situation but at the same time it is his trophy and if he feels like it was meaningless to him then by all means he has the right to smash it as he earned it!!! I am also the same parent that was told i needed to allow
  7. When your mentality is win at all costs there is no room for second place!!! Obviously he doesn't want what he feels like he shouldn't have received...most of us on here think second place is ok and just should be happy with it...whatever!!! my son smashed his championship trophy from a national tournament because he was unhappy he din't pin everyone that day...should i be upset because he was unhappy with his preformance??? How can anyone justify how someone else should respond from how he preformed??? Nobody would even have known he threw it away had they not dug it out of the trash!!!
  8. how can he award points that weren't scored??? Because i am in on a double leg and looks like i am going to score and the guy calls for injury time the ref isn't going to give me a takedown!!! Why don't we just start scoring points when we finish out of bounds to cuz if i had an extra foot of mat space i would have scored.....or if he wouldn't have scrambled and carried me out of bounds i would have scored!!! Can't give back points that aren't earned they could roll thru and not get the count to get nf!!! I do think the inhalers need to go during matches and i think that starts at practice
  9. Very well said Bob!!! Wes is a great son and turning into quite the man!!! He really surprised me the other day how much he has grown up in his mannerism and he is a pleasure to be around!!! Good luck to all and congratulations on a long and grinding path to make it this far!
  10. How bout the where abouts of Cash???? What happen with him???
  11. 106 Lewis over Behringer......Castro over Esquivel 113 Newkirk over Smith.........McGlinchey over Guinto 120 Sparks over Seats...........Hardin over Rivera 126 Harvey over Hubert.........Smedley over Pasten 132 Devine over Brutus..........Vaulx over Paldavilla 138 Bartlett over Brietbach.....Folson over Wilbrandt 145 Larson over Swigle..........Reed over Nickelsberg 152 Corsaro over Duerson......Weimer over Boone 160 Rypell over Rattay............Eckert over Perkins 170 Reyes over Fowler...........Goldner over Huntington 182 Issacs over White...........
  12. brackets available for this or not out yet?
  13. 44-0 was best record you could have back in the 80's and mid 90's......believe Ellis's mark was 176-0??? only 10 matches in tournament series to be a state champ back then so guess daddio could of had 30 matches but my guess is he was getting beat first round like he said in more then sectionals???? Just MO by his comments!!
  14. Coach Peck, I agree with the improvements but to just simply go about it for your personal agenda and not really as an improvement for the sport i have to question the intent to why it was brought up in the first place!!! The sport has needed wrestle backs for years but not for any alternate!!! It should have been address with the intent to make the state tournament better for everyone involved and i think it still can just not exactly what was done nor why it was done and for that the concern as to why it was ever mentioned if you were told at the beginning to not even bring it up!!!
  15. i have aired my concerns with both over various things in the past and just like a lot on here get nothing but the run around so i do understand the importance of these meetings and feel we wasted a chance for a personal agenda that is only used 1% of the time!!! really????? Sorry i said something about your buddy that upset you so you have to come to bat for him or was this on your agenda as well????
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