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    LionsFan reacted to ehscoach in Sr. Academic All-State   
    There is a GPA cut-off. Therefore anyone meeting that criteria is in. More the merrier!
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    LionsFan got a reaction from FCFIGHTER170 in Most Regional Qualifiers?   
    East Central advanced 14
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    LionsFan reacted to jleising in Weight class changes?   
    I, for one, hope he makes the 172.1...........
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    LionsFan reacted to Coach Nieman in Weight class changes?   
    Rushville's 160 is seeded at 195 for sectional.
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    LionsFan got a reaction from piscis1956 in Hoosier Heritage Conference   
    Saw Ragle defaulted out after the first match. Hope he’s okay.
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    LionsFan reacted to FCFIGHTER170 in Hoosier Heritage Conference   
    Hopefully he's back for sectionals.
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    LionsFan got a reaction from Juggernaut in EIAC   
    East Central is very dominant with only three Seniors in their lineup.
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    LionsFan reacted to tyquhp13 in Your HS weight class vs Old guy weight class   
    Just a side note. At the Portage wrestling golf outing they have a scale and all alum have to weigh in and they give out a pig trophy for the person who gained the most weight.
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    LionsFan reacted to mcochran in Takedown the Stigma: Wrestling for Mental Health Awareness   
    The Takedown the Stigma-Wrestling for Mental Health Awareness was a success bringing in over $1900 in donations!  Thanks to Bowen Center, Parkview Behavior Health, Parkview Sports Medicine, Remedy Live, the Snider Counselors, and fans!
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    LionsFan got a reaction from Disco in Have you ever seen this before?   
    Happen to us last weekend. We lost to East Central 78-6. Two of their wins were forfeits, rest were pins, and our win was by pin.
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    LionsFan reacted to piscis1956 in Remind me the rule on tourneys and duals...   
    You don’t really “lose” points.  You just voluntarily give them up.  Basically, you can have up to a MAXIMUM of 18 points but can’t use more than 12 of them in “tournaments” (including multi-duals).  But you don’t have to use all 18.  (Some teams don’t in fact.)
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    LionsFan reacted to MattM in Remind me the rule on tourneys and duals...   
    I guess it’s not really losing the point, it’s just leaving them in the table.  Let say you have your 6th dual meet cancelled due to weather and it isn’t made up.  Essentially you couldn’t turn around and use that point to help you jumping into a late season tournament or multi-dual (if you had another point someplace too).   So either find another dual to meet the required 6 or leave that point on the table.  IHSAA isn’t penalizing you for not getting 6, as much as it’s saying you can’t just fill your schedule with tournaments and multi-duals without regard for booking single dual meets too.  
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    LionsFan reacted to Y2CJ41 in 3A team state seed discussion   
    I think their school and coaching staff have better ethics than that.
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    LionsFan got a reaction from FCFIGHTER170 in 3A team state seed discussion   
    I don’t think this is up to the coach. If a wrestler is DQed then they have to sit the next contest.
  15. Haha
    LionsFan reacted to Wrestling Scholar in Connersville Spartan Classic   
    Are they going to have Track Wrestling or "Dude with iPhone taking pics of hand written brackets".
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    LionsFan reacted to tskin in Weight Management Clarification   
    from my understanding if he bodyfat under the 7% you need to just have the physician note filled out to allow his bellow 7% alpha weight to count.
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    LionsFan reacted to Antknee in New unis   
    Barbarian Apparel. I've used them for both Jimtown and Bremen. Great pricing and fantastic material.
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    LionsFan got a reaction from dkelich in 2019 Head Coaching Changes   
    Union County’s new wrestling coach is Andrew (AJ) Bryson.
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    LionsFan reacted to mcochran in Mike Ester   
    The Snider wrestling program and community is  heart broken and grieving with the loss of Coach Mike Ester.  Mike's love and passion for our wrestlers and our program is unmatched.  We love Mike and his family. Thank you for your prayers and support for his family, our team, and our school community.
    Visitation will be Friday August 23rd from 12:00 to 3 PM  and 5:00 to 9.  Funeral service will be Saturday  Aug 24 at 11:00 AM at D O McCombs 4017 Maplecrest Blvd. Fort Wayne, Indiana
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    LionsFan got a reaction from bergwrestler in 2019 IN vs IL All Star Classic Duals - 25th Annual - March 17   
    Actually it wasn't too bad. I started at semi state and saw there were zero seniors so I started looking at regionals. Once I found the three seniors, I looked back at their sectional to get more info. Maybe an hour total. Hopefully at least one of the three will be able to compete.
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    LionsFan reacted to Galagore in An idea to help grow the sport   
    One thing that has always struck me as counter-productive is bracketed tournaments at the youth and middle school levels. The best wrestlers get to wrestle the most matches, and the kids who are still learning/struggling get a couple and are done. Wouldn't it be better for the health of the sport to run all of these youth and middle school tournaments round-robin style? That way everyone gets a good amount of mat time, and the kids who are (currently) the weakest get a chance at a competitive match against each other. I suppose wrestling 8-man brackets to 8 places could accomplish the same thing. Nothing feeds the fire quite like some success and feeling good about at least one match you've wrestled during the day - even if it's one you don't actually win.
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    LionsFan reacted to Academy in 2019 IN vs IL All Star Classic Duals - 25th Annual - March 17   
    106 Sean Johnson from Elkhart Central has accepted!  Thank you LionsFan!
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    LionsFan got a reaction from bergwrestler in 2019 IN vs IL All Star Classic Duals - 25th Annual - March 17   
    So I did a little digging. The furthest advancing senior was eliminated at regionals, and there were three of them. Sean Johnson of Elkhart Central was eliminated by Aiden Sprague of East Noble, LaDonis Williams FW Northside was eliminated by Colten Weimer of Garrett, and Aye Oo of FW Southside was eliminated by Elliot Cornewell of FW Bishop Dwenger. Oo was runner up in the New Haven Sectional, while Williams of FWNS was 3rd. Oo beat him 13-4. Johnson was the 3rd place finisher at the Elkhart Memorial Sectional. How far back will they go to fill the lineup? Oo was 26-7, Williams was 26-9, and Johnson was 31-12.
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    LionsFan got a reaction from QuinnHarris in All pins or tech falls   
    Andrew Howe was one match away from doing this his senior year. He beat Duckworth in the finals 22-9
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    LionsFan reacted to grappleapple in Freshmen Class   
    Mendez - holy smokes that kid is good.
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