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  1. 126 was very exciting to say the least. Glad to see Nick Ellis back on the mat and able to finish the tournament. Best of luck to that young man in the future. Stay healthy little Ellis - you are always exciting to watch.
  2. Red is a great wrestler however, I think that Micic is a step or two above Red at this point.
  3. Looks like Cathedral has been doing a little southside recruiting.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised to see Baker upset Cottey. They had a pretty close match last weekend.
  5. I agree that McKinney is having a good year, but I do not think that he and Red will be a close match at all.
  6. I did assume that any school that sounds as amazing as this one would have been accredited by the State of Indiana. I have lived in Indiana for 52 years and this is the first time that I have heard of ISI. I will rephrase. "I am concerned as to why ANY SCHOOL would allow someone with perfect grades to repeat 8th grade." This is not a personal attack on this young man or his family. It does bother me that this takes place in Indiana. I might understand being so intelligent that you might have to move on to the next level, but I do not understand going back and repeating a grade, be it at a prestigious school, regular private school or a public school. Again not a personal attack on this young man or his family. Just an opinion on a discussion board.
  7. After reading all of this I am not as concerend with why he wanted to be held back as I am with the fact that ANY school acredited by the state of Indiana would let a child that does very well in school repeat his 8th grade year.
  8. Why would anyone as big, smart and talented as that kid chose to be held back?
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