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    Coach Swinson got a reaction from FCFIGHTER170 in Central Indiana Wrestling Academy at Northwestern High School   
    Northwestern High School, located in Kokomo Indiana, is hosting a CIA Wrestling Camp on Thursday evenings from 6:00-7:30p. This camp will begin on March 16th and hopefully run through June and the first day will be "Free" to all wrestlers and the instructor will be with Coach Gurpartap Gill.
    Questions can be answered by Coach Gill (Gurpartap.gill@ymail.com)  and/or  Coach Swinson (CoachSwinson@hotmail.com)
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    Coach Swinson reacted to AD Steve Dishon in Head Coaching Openings   
    Taylor High School in Howard County is looking for a varsity head wrestling coach.  The opening was posted at the DOE today, July 19th.  If you, or anyone you know, are looking for a chance to take over a growing program, please fill out an online application and contact Steve Dishon at sdishon@taylor.k12.in.us or call 765-437-2795.  
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    Coach Swinson got a reaction from SaulPaul in Head Coaching Openings   
    Does anyone know of any other open head wrestling coach openings that haven't been updated on this site yet?
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    Coach Swinson reacted to Coach Swinson in QUICK PINS for 2014-2015   
    170 - Gabe Watkins (Marion) :08 vs. Tipton on 12/6/14 @ Maconaquah Duals.
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    Coach Swinson got a reaction from Y2CJ41 in Coaches/Administrator Only Group   
    Steve Swinson
    Marion High School
    Head Wrestling Coach
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