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  1. Coach Swinson

    Northwestern vs. Cass

  2. Coach Swinson

    Tipton Invite

  3. Northwestern
  4. Northwestern
  5. Northwestern
  6. Nice to see Coach Andrews back coaching wrestling as well. He is good for our sport.
  7. Northwestern
  8. Northwestern
  9. Northwestern
  10. Northwestern
  11. Northwestern
  12. Evan Cardwell (Sr.) - Northwestern will wrestle at 195. He is a 2X SSQ.
  13. Northwestern High School, located in Kokomo Indiana, is hosting a CIA Wrestling Camp on Thursday evenings from 6:00-7:30p. This camp will begin on March 16th and hopefully run through June and the first day will be "Free" to all wrestlers and the instructor will be with Coach Gurpartap Gill. Questions can be answered by Coach Gill (Gurpartap.gill@ymail.com) and/or Coach Swinson (CoachSwinson@hotmail.com)
  14. 106 - B. Curtis - Yorktown (FW) 113 - A. Garcia - Avon (EV) 120 - C. Mejia - Elkhart Memorial (FW) 126 - C. Cummings - Lowell (ECC) 132 - B. Bailey - Cathedral (NC) 138 - B. Black - Hobart (ECC) 145 - B. Lee - Brownsburg (EV) 152 - J. Lee - Evansville Mater Dei (EV) 160 - B. Laughlin - Yorktown (FW) 170 - J. Swank - Penn (ECC) 182 - N. Walton - Brownsburg (EV) 195 - A. Davison - Chesterton (ECC) 220 - M. Parris - Lawrenceburg (EV) 285 - E. Ellis - Eastern (Greentown) (FW)
  15. Thoughts and Prayers go out to Eastbrook's Christian Bratcher from the Northwestern Wrestling program. Just read the bad news and hope for a quick & successful recovery for both.
  16. That is in line with what I thought, just wanted to get a little more clarification, thanks.
  17. I have a question that I am unsure what the answer is. A wrestler receives a BYE in the first round of a tournament. The team receives advancement points as he/she advances through the bracket. I know that if he/she receives a forfeit, they earn a WIN on their record, but if he/she did receive advancement points when drawing a BYE, what is the reason why or why not he/she would not receive a WIN on their record. Probably should already know this but I thought it is an interesting question. Thanks.
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