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  1. NORTHWESTERN has Everyone coming back next season. Plus gaining a Regional Qualifier from two years ago who was injured in the first dual of the year and a MS State guy who was out all year as a Freshman (Cole Cardwell) due to a ACL tear in football. We had 3 Juniors, Bodey Henry, Marcos Castorena, Kyle Cardwell & a Sophomore, Creason at Semi-State this year and 4 Freshmen (Bumgardner, Howell, Slate & Hershberger) who scored very well for us also returning. Thank You for your consideration.
  2. Will the IHSWCA send out the forms or will we get them off this site? Thanks for the information.
  3. Sitting on the bubble at #13 in 2A (Northwestern), hopefully we can get a little bit of a boost due to the injury factor for next season‘s team state. We had a returning Sophomore (Regional Qualifier / Silas Phillips) out of our lineup after his first match for the rest of the season due to an injury in our first dual. Also an incoming Freshman / Cole Cardwell, who placed very high at middle school state the year before, due to an ACL injury in the last football game. He would have made a huge difference in our lineup & scoring. I realize every team had some sort of injuries
  4. Northwestern
  5. Northwestern
  6. Coach Swinson

    Tipton Invite

  7. Nice to see Coach Andrews back coaching wrestling as well. He is good for our sport.
  8. Evan Cardwell (Sr.) - Northwestern will wrestle at 195. He is a 2X SSQ.
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