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  1. Dj brookbank was jv for 3 years and placed 7th this year
  2. 106:Murphy, Fair, Waldendzak, Streuder 113:Turner, White, Slivka, Peavler 120:Bocock, Culp, Smiley, Mcmillian 126:Bailey, Mcgee, Holmes, Loos 132:Red, Brookbank, Flood, Phillips 138:McKinney, Ellis, Flood, Hurley 145:Vaughn, Timberman, Rust, Negrangard 152:Pruitt, Burkebile, Johnson, Starks 160:Bane, Ruberg, Frazee, Rothwell 170:Goddard, Samuels, Hill, Stanbaugh 182:Rypel, Hoots, Irick, Blount 195:Tonte, Stewart, Fox, Ferris 220:Parris, Guhl, Hipple, Fuller 285:Brogan, Riddle, Phifer, Bunce
  3. Most deserving of a state title I've ever seen! Amazing team chemistry! And most of all they really seemed to keep a really happy upbeat tempo all through the day! Congrats coach snider and Fabio and the bburg team!
  4. Taylor Adamson from mooresville wrestled a barn burner of a match losing to Elijah Dunn 5-3 in the final seconds! Great intense match. Will be interesting to watch
  5. Mathew Kelly assistant mooresville high school
  6. Mooresville 8team Mooresville Cascade Indian creek Plainfield Green castle Frankton And a few others
  7. Robert Clark from southport beat Scott fuller at iswa state
  8. Josh Holden is now the head coach at Southport high school
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