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Posts posted by Dafar

  1. I think there are a couple of factors at work here. Looking around our area, the youth programs are healthier than ever before which means you do not have as many dropping as they already have been through the grind. The other major thing I have not seen anyone state is that this Class of 2021 (Freshman) should be the largest in most schools, given human reaction to the events of the time period around their birth.

  2.         " i.      Dave Cloud asked about the feasibility of doing a Sophomore Academic All-state"

     As a parent of high school, middle school, and elementary wrestlers, I dont really see the benefit to a soph academic all-state. What I would rather like is a 8th grade academic all state. Same type of criteria only instead of class rank it could be principal/varsity coach recommendation along with particpation in middle school state. Having good grades in 7th would be the ongoing part. Giving middle schoolers an incentive to have good grades to set them up going into high school would be of more benefit in my mind. Kids dont realize how important those frosh/soph grades are until its too late, usually when they hear it from college programs their junior year.                               

  3. I have experienced 5th and 7th graders that would love to do duals, but our program cannot support this level of teams until after high school season. Are there any dual teams looking for wild cards for Nov-Jan timeframe. Looking at this year and past year schedules, most of the events in this timeframe are duals. We are based an hour north of Indy. If you message me, I can give experience details.

  4. I dont post often as our family is newer to wrestling. However most of what has been said I have experienced a bit of. We have four boys that now wrestle in our house. The oldest started wrestling this year as a frosh. The reason, his eyes were opened at a big ten baseball camp that he needed to toughen up mentally and physically. Finding out that the baseball team works out 3x a week at 6 am for their weight room time and that all athletes have classroom attendance videotaped was eye opening. That has helped drive him to wrestling. Although not being able to beat the next older brother for a couple years now due to wrestling since he was K might have something to do with it. My message is that this is a choice that should be talked about with multiple people. We all want our kids to succeed, but are you hurting future opportunities like college by holding back for pure sport reasons. When I have given job interviews and looked at people that graduated high school at 20 or 21, the question of intellegence comes up. There are always multiple facets when looking at this issue.

  5. Very well done tournament! Everything in this tournament from crowd control to referees to great sportsmanship seemed to click and run smoothly. Both of my elementary boys were first time entrants to this tourney and they thought it was fun!

  6. Unlock the track wrestling matrix...and wrestler list

    Would love to come, but have made too many trips to find less than 8 or 6 or even less in a bracket at Battle Creek, MI.


    If we can see the Matrix, more people will be likely to travel knowing there are acually kids in their weight classes...elementary to HS...too much time and money spent in teh past traveling up there for just a few matches or less...


    If they are looking for more wrestlers in the lower divisions, why not release the listing of wrestlers just like they did the high school?

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