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  1. Hopefully the Indy star will actually do a better job with wrestling this season. If a football team or basketball team were riding a 55 game winning streak there would be a story daily.
  2. Zach but now there is some Perry blood coaching him at BG. Cooper is literally hit or miss. After last this tournament last season he burned out and quit the team. Lots of talent not much dedication. Thats why he was one of the few guys I didn't roll with from PM.
  3. Heard he is having second thoughts on NW. Thinking about making a change.
  4. 106)- Johnson PM 113)- Cottey PM 120)- Martin FC 126)- James PM 132)- LeCount PM 138)- Bova PM 145)- Wilson FC 152)- Sevion BG 160)- McClurg PM 170)- Warman PM 182)- Masengale PM 195)- Riffle FC 220)- Henandez WC HWT)- Winfield PM 9 Champs for Perry Meridian, 3 for runner ups Franklin Central, 1 a piece for Warren and Beech Grove. Don't be surprised if Perry wins 45 and 52 making their number 11.
  5. I'm guessing 145, 152, 195, and 220 are the weights they don't seem to have the favorite. I think Bova is going to be back at 138? If he moves up to 45 just rotate 38 in as the 4th weight. Falcons loaded. Jeffersonville looking to repeat as runners ups.
  6. Perry looking to dominate! Interesting to see if they can get 14 into the finals. Rumblings on the south side is they are going to win 10 out of the 14 weights.
  7. Does anyone know of any wrestler going after any of the top dogs around the state? I feel like Moloy last season even being defending state champ was wanting to wrestler McKinley under the lights. Maybe Tommy Forte is gunning Moloy down this season.
  8. Sorry I meant the little Ellis that was a pretty tough looking 106 from last year!
  9. Surprise team to challenge PM for the team title at the bank. Little Ellis, King, McGinley, James, Nichols, and Kieffer are all going to be state place winners. Thats six right there. I know coach Ellis always finds a way to get some unknown to the state finals. Watch out for James and Ellis to contend for titles also not just place. They have been working out like crazy this off season and want the county title first.
  10. I would put up Roncali and New Pal against a couple of those 3a teams. What was the bases for an invite? The year prior performance? What about if you win state as a team you move up from 1a to 2a. 2a to 3a.
  11. Is this locked up already? Who can come close? I imagine it will take at least 6-7 placers for someone to top the Falcons.
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