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Everything posted by overtime

  1. I was thinking what are some of everyones favorite moments from the state tournament that you never saw coming. Two of mine are. 1) Wildeman EMD picking up and slamming Jimmy Shultz Mish. for the fall state semi finials. 2) Greg Wagner getting lateraled to his back under the lights and getting stuck.
  2. Having been to every NC semi state for the last 20 years. With the old alignment Perry and Roncali used to go South. So my knowledge about them isn't as strong. But anyone who remembers the 90's and early 2000's the Pike Regional was harder to get out of then semi state.
  3. I think Goldman wore out his welcome about 10 years ago. Never spoken to anyone in the program who would rant and rave about him.
  4. No clue why anyone is high on anyone from the 160lb weight from last year outside of Rypel from Cathedral. That's only bc he was a Freshman. 160 was a joke. Biggest mistake made last year was by Corsaro and Bradley. Interesting to see if this is credible at all?!
  5. "Oh man did cathedral break any rules? Thatd be a bummer" Yeah because Mishawaka never had a move in during your years there!? At least it seems Cathedral is getting them from 8th grade on. I still remember all the Penn fans being in an uproar over the recruiting from The Cavemen and their "Club".
  6. Who's Stewart? And why would he deserve to start the season ranked #1 over other guys? I know he is prolly very good 8th grader coming in, but why deserving of a #1 ranking to start the season?
  7. "I love wrestling all this talk about whos gonna win, 152 and 160 are the pound from pound toughest weight classes. On a given knight anyone can beat anyone. I will love to see which dark knight win this year" Or that could very easily mean the weakest weight class. Look at 160 last year.
  8. Irish looking mighty strong! Marion county teams are loaded, with Perry, WC, and Cathedral(I know CHS is in the city tournament).
  9. Still don't see anyone beating Perry Meridian in a dual. Now when it comes to individual state. Maybe!
  10. Who'd he beat? Heard he is an LN Wildcat now. Why the switch? Goes from a dominating freshman season to a one loss sophomore season. Then decides to transfer.
  11. Do you have to be approved to become a RTC? Seems like there are a ton of schools now saying they are a RTC.
  12. Does Roncali have an open house? If so, then yes that's called recruiting. Catholic schools that have CYO feeder programs still send our flyers regarding their school to all the CYO schools. That's called recruiting. It HAS to be done. Cathedral is in the same boat. I'm not saying Roncali, Chatard, or Scecina is paying kids to play or anything like that. However do not say they don't recruit because they do and have to.
  13. People wonder why warren didn't get second. They come from the toughest sectional. Draw into the toughest regional. Then into the best semi state. Not too mention a good friend of mine told me the WC 182 suffered a torn acl in the ticket round at the semi state. Considering he beat the guy who placed third 2x I'd say they score more there also. I know they had one state champ 120 can't think of his name. But their other three place winners all lost to the state champs. So you can't say they had good draws!
  14. From the stands it appeared to be a terrible call. Clark is allowed to make mistakes everyone is. One way to settle this is. Had it been called a takedown, not a single Perry coach, wrestler, or fan could have been upset or argued about it. It def still wouldn't be a topic right now.
  15. 106- Red 113- Micic 120- Wilson 126- James 132- LeCount(might pin 4) 138- Blanton 145- Malloy 152- Farrell 160- Hughes 170- Stevenson 182- Hurford 195- Sliga 220- Hernandez Hwt- Bernard
  16. Mishawaka Cathedral Hobart i think were top 3
  17. Watch out for that freshman from Cathedral making a run.
  18. Completely false about ten loses equals 3-4 at the other semi states. New Castle is tough to just get to let alone get through.
  19. Haven't the two matches between Farrell and Corsaro been 1 point decisions? A fleeing the mat call on a gramby from a single leg won the match! Guys do the flip roll out of a single all the time. I guess that move is illegal when near the edge of the mat. Still think Farrell over Corsaro for the state title though. Bradley will get forth most likely could careless about the conso match.
  20. The top side of the 182 bracket is very weak.
  21. Well without the injury he prolly would have placed second at regionals. Then drawing Niebarger it would have been the same result a loss first round. Also Hwt was a huge swing and Tatum getting injured allowing McClurg to score 22 points is huge.
  22. No Tatum was winning and going for his second takedown to go up 4-1 when the injury occurred. Then decided to continue and I believe he was still winning at the start of the second period when McClurg tied it with an escape. Then he had to injury default.
  23. Someone told me Dawkins beat Johnson at the regional, hornet must have been lying.
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