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  1. Cornhusker. Burroughs closed the deal.
  2. 113 and 132 are very good weights at the Warren Central sectional. White, Smiley and Owens Mckinney, Ellis and Vaughn 220 is pretty good too. WC NP and Triton all have solid guys.
  3. Red has given up nearfall and takedowns in his IN high school career.
  4. I was there with my family. McKinney I thought put up a good fight. He was pinned in the second period. Still thought he had some nice shots on Lee. He was in I believe three times.
  5. Being in attendance was great again this weekend. Stinks that I have to choose between the city and county tournaments. But over the past decade the city has became nothing. In the 80s when I started going to watch the city was a power. The county is dominate now. Perry Meridian just had what it toon in the final matches. Huge swing matches for them over Warren Central at 126 145 152. @26 Perrys wrestler didn't do really anything the whole match. Countered a takedown at the end for a win. He did indeed fight off about 7 takedown attempts from the Warren wrestler. 45 the perry guy just frankly
  6. I'm talking about with an official title. Not Grad assistant. Yeah one year at Darton College. I know he's not a spring chicken. I'm saying he can ban out to be a good college coach. Mud you should call Morgan Burke and tell him you want to be head coach of Purdue wrestling.
  7. Mud- Not all these guys are on full rides. Many not even close to getting much more then their books paid for likely. Lynde and Atwood included. So why recruit a guy like Lefever when you basically have to put zero into recruiting Atwood, Lynde, Griffen. All those guys were locks. When you can get guys who place top 3 in your own state and have to do nothing to get them thats a good thing. Now I believe Purdue really needs to get their coaching staff in order. Hinkle is on the end of his give him some time pass. Fleeger just getting his first major college roll. But look at the other guys on s
  8. Marvin Nedic Valley High early 90's. Couple of Runner up titles to his credit.
  9. No we aren't 98% of their matches are boring. If they are both good I can tell who will win after the 1st coin toss. How many Hwts stuck around to see their own weight? I bet not many of them.
  10. Bernard beat Winfield 2 out of 3 times his junior year. Bernard was even better, lots better actually this season. Molloy over Lecount? Hmmm close but not going to happen. I mean if memory serves my right. The Yorktown kid won that match only to have it taken away by the refs. It was def a takedown at the buzzer. 2 things happened! The first was I don't think the ref was ready for what was about to take place, not expecting Molloy to get taken down. Second it was Molloy- Fan favorite.
  11. 106: Red by 3 113: Micic by 4 120: Wilson by 1 126: Micic by 5 132: Lecount by 1 138: Forte by 6 145: Lecount by 3 152: Farrell by 2 160: Hiestand by 3 170: Bobbie Stevenson by 4 182: hurford by 5 195: sliga by 11 220: Robinson HWT:Bernard by 2 28-12 13over14
  12. Corsaro might have ended the period dropping down, but he did not spend the whole period doing so. He had break downs and lifted returns. Hiestand dropped down numerous times. Both knees, both elbows and forehead planted on the mat not looking to improve position or wrestle on top at all. I think maybe "Ride him out" needs to be looked at more of "Wrestle him out". You still have to wrestle on top in the OT. Even in the sudden death OT when Vinny stopped wrestling and wasn't even moving in the last 10 seconds Hiestand did not even try to take his forehead off the mat or move up from the ankle.
  13. When did they start saying mat instead of canvas?
  14. Holding the ankle while staying on the mat and not trying to work up is stalling. Its stalling in the 1st period it's stalling in OT. Even if the guy is trying to kick out. Hiestand made zero attempt to return Corsaro to the mat. Vinny would get to his feet Hiestand would drop to both knees grab the ankle and keep his head down on the mat. Making no attempt to move up. I could see them letting the first 3 times he dropped to an ankle because you don't want to make a guy lose on that call but the 4th time it should have been called. If everyone is going to say "your job is to ride the guy out".
  15. I was just using that situation as an example. I never saw LeCount or Harvey ever at 38. Both wrestled from day 1 at 45. 3rd is at any weight is 100% "in the mix". 38 was a very good weight but no one or two guys could dominate week in and out like 32.
  16. That would have been pointless for tommy to cut any weight anyway. 3rd at 32 or 1st at 38?!? Easy choice. But let's say he was weighing 43. Would he have stayed with the "lets not cut weight"? Cut 5lbs for one weigh in then 3 for the state series. Or just be 3rd at 45 instead of winning state
  17. With TV involved nowadays. Not going to be able to get long speeches and about each wrestler. Also everyone has to be equal. Loved back in the day of letting it loose on the mic.
  18. Mr. Hornet no disrespect. Just meant how dominating of a program BG used to be in the 80's and 90's its sad that it's still not that way. They always had great energy and support from the fans. That helps out and is huge for the sport. You're doing a good job. Gotta play the cards you are delt.
  19. 170 has to go to Tonte, 26 has to go to Ellis
  20. I believe back in the 80's tech falls were counted toward that 155 number Lance puts up. 155 "Falls" was a national record at one point. Still OMG! 155 out of 177. Ridiculous
  21. Terrible regional help the Irish out. They have big guns that's for sure. If you switch them out with either Perry or Warren they would only have 06-13-45-60-70-82-hwt going to semi state. 7 to semi state is still good bc I will bet almost all will make it to state. Perry or Warren thru that sectional and regional would most likely have all 14 to semi state.
  22. Upset at 106? Please tell me you aren't on here hyping up another BG Hornet! No way! No How! Does Dawkins beat Bailey. Sad how far BG has actually fallen off as a team.
  23. Well Mr. Thornton. Wilson had not scored before the 3rd is correct. Kinda runs right with my point of James not having the scoring offense to beat Wilson. He can't put a two takedown period together against Wilson. Like D will and can do to him. Wilson can get back points on James too. James still does not have the tank to win in the 3rd. He never has. Idk if that will change, but he is going to end up like Brendan Campbell. Very good wrestler. Great 2 period wrestler.
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