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  1. We used block weights for our tournament a few weeks ago. We put ALL the kids in 4 man brackets and everyone wrestled round robins so everyone got 3 matches. We were cleaned up and at home by 2pm.....
  2. Good information here. We (Indian Creek) are just starting to host tournaments and I want the tournament experience to be GREAT...
  3. Mater Dei - Kane Egli & Clay Egli North Posey - Wyatt Willman & Nathan Willman
  4. Tell City - Corey Braunecker & Shane Braunecker
  5. Plainfield - Landon Boe & Logan Boe
  6. South Dearborn - Isaiah Otto, Eli Otto & Zach Otto
  7. That's 11am CENTRAL, so Noon Eastern
  8. Only change to the brackets was at 138, Hamm (Terre Haute South) is out and Dixon from Bloomington South is in.
  9. more impressive with that weight class that year was who didn't place.... Cayden Rooks Gavin Rose Geremia Brooks Broick Peele Brice Colman Jayden Reynolds
  10. 138 @ Bloomington North, not as tough as 132 @ Avon but still some SOLID wrestlers. 5 SemiState qualifiers, 3 of which are ticket rounders Justice Cash, Bloomington North, 23-1 Owen Sego, Indian Creek, 23-4 Moses Hamm, Terre Haute South Vigo, 25-6 Johnathan Otte, West Vigo, 28-5 Jay Orman, Edgewood, 20-11 Add in a always well coached and battle tested Bloomington South wrestler, Tyler Dixon, it's going to be a fun day in Bloomington.
  11. Western Indiana Conference has been moved to Friday @ 4pm
  12. Western Indiana Conference Tournament (@ Edgewood HS) has been postponed until Jan 19.
  13. We should also remind the coaches and officials that the table is mic'd, sometimes you can hear the coach/ref conversation......
  14. Mater Dei - Yes, they stop after the quarterfinals today and with 4 left in the consolations too.
  15. From the event flyer I was sent TIME SCHEDULE: DEC. 28 Weigh-In 10:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. (C.S.T.) 1st Session 11:00 a.m. Wrestling will be continuous, with breaks only to allow for rest time for wrestlers. DEC. 29 Weigh-In 8:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. 1st Session 9:30 a.m. Wrestling will be continuous, with breaks only to allow for rest time for wrestler
  16. 14-Burdon (Plainfield) is in the Evansville SemiState
  17. Fuqua (Franklin Community) was down to 132 this past weekend @ the Johnson County tournament, too.
  18. We (Indian Creek) host the Johnson County Elementary Duals tournament in December. It is only for the five Johnson County schools, Indian Creek, Center Grove, Franklin, Greenwood & Whiteland. We modify the eligibility rules to allow ONLY "The members of each team must attend school within the SAME school district of which the participating club is located. Exceptions: Wrestlers who are home schooled or attend a private school outside your school district may also be considered." NO WILDCARDS In order to not penalize teams for not having a full line-up, We modified the team s
  19. what I like about elementary duals is that I get to "sit" in one place and watch my entire team wrestle one after another. it does help me "see" what everyone need to work on or patterns we need to work on. And historically, I have found that the kids who "gut" it out thru the very competitive duals season tend to do VERY well in the individual season....
  20. that's a decision that their team needs to make... I like that option better than pulling that kid and replacing with a "wild card" , IMHO
  21. We host a elementary county tournament. we do NOT allow any wild cards. below in the language I added to balance out the "no wild card" issues.... REQUIREMENTS No all-star or academy teams allowed. Limited to 6th grade (first year schoolboy/girl) or below wrestlers. Each wrestler must have a USA Wrestling Card. Each team will be limited to 23 participants. Folkstyle rules w/ three one minute periods, standard overtime rules. All other high school rules and guidelines apply. Head gear and mouth pieces are required. This will be a USA Wrestling sanctioned event. The members of ea
  22. If someone is listed in this tournament http://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/opentournaments/VerifyPassword.jsp?tournamentId=275411009) , the are eligable to wrestle in this tournament correct? And show up Saturday morning, pay your fee and weigh-in and wrestle, correct?
  23. according to overall rankings, Evansville has more ranked wrestlers than any other SS, EV has 79, NC has 76, EC has 69 and FW has 56. SS-ranks.pdf
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