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  1. I had planned to split all the wrestlers up into two separate height groups for each of the three weight class, but I suppose websites don't too often care do list wrestlers' heights, do they? I have the results of the NCAA DIV 1 tournament over the past ten years, but I'm not sure with the more specific data I will be able to gather, what will be interesting and not too complex to model. I've noticed over the past ten years that collectively, Iowa and Iowa State have nine top three finishes in the tournament while Oklahoma and Oklahoma State have eight. Maybe model the two states with thei
  2. I'm currently in a "Mathematics Modeling" course and have decided to pursue a data analysis type project in regards to NCAA Div1 wrestling. I want to investigate possibly the smallest three weight classes (125, 133, 141) and determine ultimately if it is essentially better to be a taller and longer wrestler or a shorter, bulkier one. I plan to examine overall success and the results in head-to-head matchups over the past ten years, but I don't know where exactly I can find the results of the individual NCAA Div1 Championships over the past ten years or if it will even be possible to obtain t
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