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  1. Ok i was hoping something was available. thank you.
  2. My local that usually streams the finals weekend, is not this year. Does anyone have a local stream available for tonight opening round?
  3. 106 Marquez Sn ---- Loraine Leo 113 Doster NH ---- Hill Wa 120 Early Sn ---- Snyder Wo 126 Lovejoy ---- Humphrey Sn 132 Eicher Leo ---- Shipley Hunt N 138 Sieger NH ----- Parigot Wo 145 Delegrange Wo ---Jolas Hunt N 152 Eicher Leo ---- Johnson Wa 160 Neuhouser Leo --- Jackson Tat NH 170 Chacon NH ---- Morgan SN 182 Strzlecki Home --- Berghoff NH 195 Green BL -------- Elkins SN 220 Wilson Leo --- Schultz NH Hwt Holcomb ---- Renz Hunt N
  4. been there done that, NOT recomended if you wish to sit threw the finals
  5. Yes they are, no doubt, just saying from AC point of view, AC brought 8 to SS...they would of figured to get a few of them threw, I would never take away anything from some who punched their own ticket,
  6. Jay County seems undervalued. Those numbers are with Adams Central having a disaster day. Walburn, Roe, Pfister all knocked off yes it was.. Walburn, Schultz. Pfister, and Roe, all of them are state caliber
  7. I think FW has 4 wrestlers that are good enoungh to reach the finals, Crume, Faurote, Jackson, and Biberstine
  8. Biberstein is very impressive, he has the tools to make run next weekend
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