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  1. So are folks on here saying they are what they are, or all the brackets will be changed for those who did not do the pigtails for unseeded wrestlers? Guess I don't really care, but more curious than anything.
  2. Just voted. It is literally tied right now with a basketball player. Probably a good kid, but let's keep wrestling in the news for parents to see. 1310 votes each
  3. One more point on this. If you have a young official who by all accounts does a good job, but he misses the fact an illegal headlock has been thrown and held, at least make an effort to let him know what was done incorrectly, send him the film. It should not matter whether your kid won or not. We all want good officials, but I can assure you at some point if he misses this, he will be completely chewed up and spit out and then never officiate again. Never miss an opportunity to teach.
  4. I would send him the video, there are times when coaches do not see things. My point is when they do see them and do nothing. For instance if your kid throws a headlock without an arm and has it for 30 seconds, is it ok to sit there and do nothing because your kid may get the win? Or is it your job to protect those wrestlers. I know, sounds soft, right? The NFHS says high school participation in sports overall is increasing according to the 2017 study, but wrestling is dropping. Football is as well and maybe it is just because they are "gladiator" sports.
  5. It is not as many of the fringe kids doing it. They are trying to wrestle as they have been taught. Some of the kids doing it are what I would consider the second tier kids because they are frustrated they are not pinning or beating someone as much as they think. I had someone yell back this weekend, well the kid is not opening up. Too bad, the official's job is to call this, not the wrestler to rake his face back and forth until he opens up. We have gotten to this point, because it is not called enough. If those kids are doing they should be called and their coach should call them out and teach them. Win or Lose, do it respectfully. I would agree, we continue to emulate what we see on tv and what is taught.
  6. OK, I am going to post this knowing there will be quite a few who disagree, but just getting tired of a few things: I have been around this sport for the last 46 years of my 50 years and wrestling is missing the boat for 90% of the wrestlers. I read all the posts here and people talking about why numbers are down. Here is my assessment. The top 2-3% of wrestlers in Indiana are better than they were when I was in high school. I officiated this weekend and have watched my son wrestle this year. There is plenty of blame to go around. This weekend as well as almost every other weekend, I have seen more kids raking kids faces, punching kids in the face, ribs, and pushing them after they go out of bounds, and trying to torque a knee after the whistle blows amongst other things. I am not soft, but I am quite sure a good hard cross face is ok when trying to pick up the far arm or fight off a shot, but the re-rake and subsequent rake is ludicrous. The coaches say he is just being physical. Totally crap, it is not a move and you are not working anything but trying to intimidate the other opponent or injure your opponent with brutality. If you watch the best kids in the state, I rarely see this happen. It is with the second tier kids and/or programs. Teach your kids how to wrestle, the above is not wrestling. This is not college, this is high school where 90% of the kids may not even wrestle in college. They are out because their parents told them to get involved and be a part of something, or were talked into it by a teacher or another coach. Why would these fringe kids (70%) even want to be a part of a sport where some "heavy hands" have been equated to punching, raked faces lead to bloody noses and lips, and the extra pull on the knee or shoulder equates to stretched ligaments or eventually worse. When the whistle blows, stop wrestling the best you can, coaches lead by example and let the kids know they did something wrong instead of arguing he is a good kid and would never do this. These fringe kids will either quit during the season or worse yet, never come out the following year. No fight shorts or uniforms will change that. So by all accounts wrestling is a great sport and can hep teach kids a lot about life and to be great workers and citizens of this country. As I always was told, "I will never miss an opportunity to teach or guide you whether you like what I say or not and you may not always come out on top, but life is not about short cuts, but about what kind of person you are in the long-run." With this being said, I love wrestling and what it has done for me in my life and hope that others will enjoy it also. The more who experience what wrestling is really about and the hard work, it will pay dividends for life. Those who don't understand will still be making excuses for their kids and rationalizing where we are going. I would challenge the wrestling community which includes the coaches, parents and officials to make the right calls and do the right thing. Maybe it will bring in more kids to the sport and maybe it won't. One way, I am pretty sure we will head down the same road, the other, it will not get worse, but maybe a chance for more to experience this great sport. TP
  7. Great press for wrestling. That is exactly what the sport needs, more good press. Years ago, there used to be a lineup for duals and results in the local papers. I know some of those are here on Indiana Mat, but even if the local news websites had them in their sports section like basketball and football, it would be better than not having anything. Out of sight...out of mind.
  8. I would have to agree with Delta Cathedral dual in 1984 and 1986. Delta won in the last match in 1984, 1986, Cathedral won in the last match. I still have both on tape and it was electric at IUPUI. In 1984, Delta put in a kid named Jeff Beall to wrestle in Ginther's place to wrestle a State Q/placer I believe and pinned him in the first minute. Jeff was the only JV kid who I believe at one point was ranked in the top 3 as a JV wrestler, unfortunately he wrestled behind John Ginther and Ron Riggin, both State Champions. John Ginther was moved up to wrestle Mean Gene Boyd and beat him by 12. Riggin was moved to HWT to wrestle State placer/champion Clevenger and beat him to win the dual. 1986. I still remember the dozens of dead flowers Rhodes sent to our house and the dozen of dead roses sent to my Mother saying this was your funeral. He was right, they did win that year. It is all in fun, and I always enjoyed the "show." I even remember my own Grandfather lighting up a cigarette in 1986 before my match in the gym and them telling him he could not smoke. I think he told them, "just try and take it." This is what made the sport exciting. I am sure McGinley, Ellis, and the others would say the same thing. Troy Patton Delta/Cathedral Just to follow up, I am sure some of the old guys like me could tell you, but I think attendance was well over 3,400 for both of those meets as people were sitting on the floor, standing in the hallways, while many more were turned away.
  9. Westfield Wrestling Club is interested.
  10. The Archer Funds would be happy to buy uniforms for the team. I don't live close enough to help on the coaching side, but would be happy to help put together a plan for practices and help with some solid drills that will help with the basics. I have my father's notes from every year he coached and had practice. He detailed out every move, technique, plan for practice, etc. I would be happy to share that, it still works today. We use it at the Westfield Elementary group and it makes the kids have good fundamentals. Thanks, Troy Patton 317-581-1776
  11. No system is ever going to be perfect, but the elementary duals is working as evidenced by having 20 teams sign up. The ISWA has done a good job by promoting these during the season and the State meet, the kids and parents like them also. There are always folks that will take advantage of a system or weigh ins, etc. I don't think this has changed in the 40 years I have been around wrestling. I like the wildcards from my perspective, for me to put out a beginner kid with epilepsy at 90 and not be able to complete a match or a 3rd grade 95lb kid who just started to get pounded 7 times is not good for the kid who just started and who will soon be quitting. Troy Patton
  12. Westfield is in need of a 90lb wrestler. We have 3 kids who are beginners weighing under 85 and very young. I do not want to wrestle them in this environment, we have forfeited the weight most of the year and are still competitive. We are looking for a 90lb wrestler for the January 10th State Elementary Duals. Please contact me at cell 317-918-1633 if you are interested. Thanks, Troy Patton
  13. Ryan, Westfield has over 80 kids in our club. Lots of beginners, lots of experienced kids. We are having duals/exhibition matches on Wednesday 11/18 and Wed 12/16 from 6-8. Maconaquah is coming to the first one and also Peru I believe. The second one same teams and Zionsville. I am also trying to get some Pioneer Wrestling League kids there as well. We will match them up based on age, experience and weight. There is no cost, we would be glad to have you or any other team interested. This is not an all star group. Just Westfield kids. Troy Patton 317-918-1633 cell.
  14. I agree with Matt. I generally will not wrestle a 3rd grader against a 6th grader. The age difference even if the younger kid is a decent wrestler. Usually a 6th grader is more mature, etc. I just try to use common sense which is an oxymoron these days. We currently have for our tournament we are hosting on the 21st, we have 5 teams committed to this point. This tournament is a pure tournament format where the kids will be seeded with Track Wrestling. Team points will be kept, plaques to champions, etc. Just a little different format than the normal duals. This should get like kids to wrestle one another ultimately with the finals being very competitive. There are times when we go to a dual meet format and one kid has a complete walk through and is not challenged. Although a few years ago we were the kids getting walked through. Thanks, Troy Patton
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