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  1. julia2009

    Jay County Summer Trip - Kyle Dake Added

    What an awesome opportunity. I wish I would have been paying attention to this sooner. Let me know if your 65/70 backs out.
  2. julia2009

    The effect of the freestyle qualifiers

    My son wrestled at St Roch and I thought that it was a good way to get matches in. Walk in, pay $10, get a couple of matches in, go home in a couple of hours. Maybe that’s the answer to the question that we’ve been all been asking about getting more involved in folkstyle. Maybe we need more weekday tournaments that can get families in and out. No frills, nothing fancy, just two wrestlers getting after it. I’d also like to see a mix of freestyle tournaments during folkstlye season.
  3. julia2009

    Matside video replay?

    So my son wrestled in Jeffersonville this weekend. During the final match of his freestyle bracket, I was under the assumption that he was losing. At the end of the match there was a scoring question that the other coach brought up. The ref explained why he awarded points the way he did, which actually put my son as the winner and later raised his hand. There was an uproar from the other side and the ref was starting to kick people out. My son walked off the mat and we started getting undressed. I looked over at the mat and saw someone apparently showing a replay of the match on their phone. The ref called my son over to wrestle again at the point where he called the match. I asked what was going on and the ref said he was wrong and didn’t score correctly. My question to him was, when was video replay allowed Matside and why he was allowing external influence to decide the match He didn’t give an answer only that he was wrong I’m not upset at the loss and neither is my sone, just concerned about the precedent that this ref started. I spoke with the “tournament director” about it afterwards and he didn’t agree with it, but did nothing about it when it occurred. I also heard that these refs (KYrefs) will be at freestyle state, which concerns me.
  4. julia2009

    An idea to help grow the sport

    I agree, start the tourney on time! I've been in the same situation where you rush to get there, but its a late start because of something. I get it, its usually an issue with the brackets and track wrestling. There has to be a better way of getting them locked in early. The other issue is the time between bouts. We've waited hours and hours to wrestle matches. Rest is good, but I also think that too much is just or more detrimental than not enough. My son was 67 intermediate this year, and seemed like it was the biggest bracket everywhere we went. So there was no in by 8 out by 2. It was in by 7pm and the last match of that day, which was usually around 6pm. Anyone less dedicated, wrestler or parent, would have checked out long ago and moved onto something else.
  5. julia2009

    Warren Central has terrible mobile service

    Agreed. I had my WIFI hotspot with me on Saturday and had no issues, but forgot it at home on Sunday and got nothing. I'm not sure why my hotspot would work and not cellular service. WIFI was Verizon and my phone is AT&T.
  6. julia2009

    An idea to help grow the sport

    Speaking of going for gold...how many times was security called to a certain mat this weekend? I was there Saturday and Sunday and heard it at least 3 or 4 times each day. I don't remember that happening at all last year. I think there are a lot of factors in why kids/parents don't stay in the sport. So far, everyone has made valid points. I'm not sure on the solution though.
  7. julia2009


    What ages/grades are allowed?
  8. julia2009

    Crusader Wrestling Club

    I got a pretty good 67# intermediate 3rd grader. Too young?
  9. We had TW go down twice for about an hour each time on Sunday at the Fishers Open. Matches continued the old fashion way, with paper and pencil. The idea of TW is great, terrible execution though. I don't think its very user friendly or built with the end user in mind.
  10. julia2009

    Gladiator Series

    I noticed that the ISWA has a Gladiator Series. Anyone know more about this and is it worth the travel to compete in them? The next one is in Wawasee, which would be a couple hours drive for us. Indiana_Gladiator_2019.pdf
  11. julia2009

    IHSAA Rules Change Needed

    The rule may come from an organization larger that the school districts and the IHSAA. From my understanding, the Indiana Department of Education has or had a law that restricted the travel of students on school buses. The law read similar to what you posted. I think the reason why the other activities listed get by with it is because they hire charter buses.
  12. julia2009

    12/1 Results, upsets and great matches

    I'm not sure, but he's hungry.
  13. julia2009

    12/1 Results, upsets and great matches

    182# Unranked JD Farrell (Fishers) over #5 Ryan Mahoney (Westfield) Dec 1-0
  14. julia2009

    Frank Ingalls

    Frank Ingalls
  15. julia2009



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