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  1. No way will Pruitt get a fall over Johnson...good luck to all the wrestlers!!!
  2. Lions, Tigers and Bears...oh my, they better be careful out there!! Lol
  3. Ok great, my flight leaves in a few hrs so I am looking forward to getting more info..thanks for your help everyone!!
  4. I have seen the weather forecast for the rest of the week and yes I am aware that it's going to be cooler...thank you! I haven't been told there are air-conditioned lounges in the dorm, my son told me there is NO a/c at all in his dorm and I don't think he would lie...
  5. Thank you I was informed he was staying at a college dormitory not the Fargo Dome so I will have to further inquire into this...
  6. I'm confused...can you be more specific on this link?? ???
  7. I will ask my oldest who went there during his high school career but I guess my opinion and concern doesn't matter ;D
  8. Do you have a son there? I do and he said "it's very hot and uncomfortable and not air-conditioned...
  9. Is anyone concerned about the heat advisory in Fargo today? There is a heat advisory warning and the heat index is near 105 degrees. These boys are staying in the dorm without a/c and I as a parent am concerned about their health!! ???
  10. Guess I made a mistake in my "choice" of words..people on here take things too personal! Lol
  11. MMA?? nice choice of words...smh I was there and Cash did get injured twice both times and was flat to his stomach...call it what you want but he did run out of injury time right when he was getting up the 2nd time. I must say it was a great match!!
  12. Ok "bigmak" time will tell soon..he went up 5 weight classes from last year so we will see! He wrestles with the "best" every day at practice and is improving every day
  13. He wrestled awesome against Cash...knocked him out twice and Cash pretty much ran out of injury time, also had to forfeit against going for 1st place at the Marion County meet..so will see! ;D
  14. Johnson really wrestled well against Cash. What an awesome match!!!
  15. Might as well! Lol In all the years I've watched wrestling, I've seen biting and punching and nothing has been done so you might have a good point!!
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