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  1. Please understand I am not bashing here. This is a great kid. Wilson is great wrestler who found out what happend when you do not have a very strong schedule over the course of an entire year. Lots of years his schools' kids come in to the Peru Sectional with astonishing records, only to struggle to get out of regional and certainly semi-state. Great kid though! Hopefully there will be an interest by some schools for him. He is also a highly talented soccer player.
  2. Got a chance to see a kid from Heights last night at the MIC (at Peru) wrestle whom I have never seen wrestle before. I have not been to conference the last few years and they could not make it up to our place earlier for a Super 8. I believe his name was Adrian Porter the Heavyweight. What an athlete. Huge balanced hips and thighs....a man among children in the heavyweight division of the MIC. Cass has a pretty good heavyweight, and I have seen him dominate some pretty good kids, but Porter made it look easy. Just my 2 cents.
  3. well I read this site all the time, just have not posted in eons This is a great kid and a great family. He also has run cross country and track his whole HS career. Peru wrestling is a family...much like many programs across the state. (you all can attest to programs you know that are like this) Coach Hobbs does not let anybody flounder in the program. They may not be the best wrestler, but if they show up and work hard there is always a place...starting with the five year olds that come in on elementary clinic nights. Always a pat on the back, hand shake for the parents and a welco
  4. Unnecessary spreading of germs!!! Follow the Iowa rules
  5. Wow, I did not realize the list was so extensive. I was fodder for a year and 1/2 at Mish in the early 80's. Used wrestling to get in shape for baseball. Never did Coach Smith or Coach Beehler coach me differently because I had no real idea of what I was doing. I needed that discipline they gave me. Hated the timed sprints around the top of the gym though. They did on occasion crack a smile when Rob Roggeman would side head lock me, and before I could breath I was looking up at the lights. Adding to the list: I remember talking to Mike Williams (State Champ I believe... 98 lb
  6. Of Course who did Mark Kerrn wrestle for??? Al Smith Mishawaka Maybe this discussion should be broken into pre 1995 and post 1995 coaches. Way too many coaches from my era that could be mentioned...Along with Al Smith how about Henry Wilk?
  7. I won't predict much...but there were be some earth shaking matches in the 195 pound and up weight classes. Some very good heavy weight classes this week in Peru with the Kokomo bunch, HN (Mason), Mac (Ulerick) and a few others. Ross and Hoover had an outstanding championship match at Peru last week at 195. Loe and Kern for Peru I like...but I am from Peru They both are wrestling very well right now. Cress for Peru wrestled well last week and snatched a championship with about 2 seconds to go over Southwood. Jolas HN Goodnight KOK won't get touched Some goo
  8. Just a reminder....Peru starts at 8:30 AM tomorrow Several great matches especially in the heavy end of the scales tomorrow.
  9. Yep more errors.....Peru really won, Huntington North's bus did not make it, Northfield got lost on the way, North Miami brought the wrong uniforms.... Yeeeesh. What's important here is that each kid knows where they stand and Huntington North knows they wrestle Wednesday at Logansport. The scorer does a phenominal job, and I believe this is the first mistake he has made in ALL of the years he has done this. Not sure why there would have been a mistake or two, but it did not change a thing. In actuality, in the individual tournament, the only thing that is important is the top 4 spots and
  10. Huntington North Wins 1 232.00 Huntington North 2 209.50 Peru 3 167.00 Northfield 4 166.50 North Miami 5 156.00 Maconaquah 6 143.00 Manchester 7 135.00 Southwood 8 4.00 Wabash 106 Mock NM 113 Wilson Mac 120 Kern Peru 126 Chamberlin NF 132 Loe Peru 138 Jolas HN 145 McKee NM 152 Wells NF 160 Robinson HN 170 Cress Peru 182 Clarke HN 195 Ross NF 220 Snep Manch 285 Mason HN
  11. Peru showcases all dual meets at home under a spot light in the Tiger Den (aux gym). The Sectionals and Regionals are moved to the Tig-Arena (bigger, newer gym) and the finals are all under one spot light in the middle. The custodian always makes sure not to turn on the overhead gym lights until the heavyweights are done for a few minutes, and they have received their medals and wall chart. He is a former wrestling dad and gets it. Nothing worse than the heavy's finishing the final match of the day and everybody is making noise packing up and heading out before they are done, sto
  12. Mark Kerrn is an outstanding coach too
  13. The Peru Individual Sectional and Regionals will begin at 8:30 AM this Saturday and next. Weigh-in will begin at 7:30. Peru has a Boys Basketball game on the 4th after the regional and this allows ample time to tear down and set up. Peru AD wanted the start times to be the same both weeks to avoid any confusion, and so that nobody would mistakingly miss a match in the early rounds by thinking it started at 9 both weeks. (did not want to start the sectional at 9 and then the regional at 8:30 with some of the same people coming back to watch, and missing some first round matches)
  14. Peru sectional and regional has the wall chart to give away. As far as an IHSAA violation??? Our AD is a stickler on the IHSAA stuff and if they said no we would not have them. We have them, so I would assume it is the individual school that does not want to shell out a few measly dollars to have somebody print them. Just talked to our "wall chart lady" today and she said "I'll see you Saturday.' Have a great and HEALTHY run this Saturday to all wrestlers and families sitting on the edge of their seats.
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