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  1. Congratulations to Tyler and the Fuqua family!
  2. PatParham


    Hudson Harreld
  3. PatParham


    Hudson Harreld
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    Seth Martin
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    Colton Roberts
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    Hudson Harreld
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    Logan Wagner
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    Zionsville vs Fishers

  9. PatParham

    Zionsville vs Avon

  10. A few noteworthy results from the Henry Wilk Classic yesterday: 138: unranked Harreld (Zionsville) over #14 Sinkovics (Mishawaka) 14-8 160: #11 Bates (Zionsville) over #12 Steenbeke (Penn) Fall 170: unranked McClure (Westfield) over New Castle SS #5 McDonald 5-4, #3 Eastin (Penn) over McDonald 7-2 Team results: #16 Westfield over #11 Penn 44-22, Westfield over unranked Zionsville (39-30), Zionsville over #12 Mishawaka (42-28), Zionsville over #11 Penn (41-30), unranked Merrillville over Penn (31-30)
  11. Edgewood, Lawrence North, and Mooresville are all tough too! Just to name a few more studs: Edgewood 126 #6 Cash Turner Lawrence North 126 SS ranked #4 Jeremiah Henderson 132 SS ranked #5 and returning state qualifier Anthony Hughes Mooresville 120 SS ranked #7 Isaiah Pugh 126 SS ranked #9 Brecken Greene
  12. Luke Welch will be our guest clinician tonight. Luke was a five year wrestler at Purdue. Luke was a two-time Academic All-Big Ten selection, Midlands Placer, Big-Ten Placer, amongst other career achievements. Luke is a tremendous freestyle wrestler; he won the 2017 USA Wrestling University Nationals at 57 kg and placed at the 2015 University Nationals. We will see everyone tonight at 6:00 PM. Enter door 27 on the South side of the school, the wrestling room will be up the first staircase on your right. All you need is an active USA Wrestling card!
  13. Tremendously proud of Darden for his achievement this past weekend. He gets better each time he competes. Darden represents Wabash with class in victory and defeat. I'm sure Wabash is disappointed they aren't bringing back a team trophy to Crawfordsville this year. But, with all of their national qualifiers returning next season (as well as many others capable of scoring big points at nationals) look for them to earn a trophy next year and potentially contend for a national title.
  14. As Dingo said "Flo is the king of content". Between the mini-series, documentaries, highlights, etc. it is undeniable that they are the most consistent in putting out compelling content. They do monetize wrestling well and have earned that right. However, as a former Flo-Pro subscriber, their product is far from perfect. Many times I was disappointed by technical difficulties, unnecessary obstacles in browsing their site, and the poor product that is FloArena. I like Willie, CP, and Bader. They are good people and great wrestling media members. With that being said their is an undeniable
  15. Proud of the Little Giants. Was hoping to see them get 7 through after the first day, but it didn't help that Baldwin Wallace couldn't lose. There should still be a strong showing in Cleveland for Wabash!
  16. This fight was nothing short of inspirational... Elkins has the heart of a champion.
  17. Just a few 'newer' places to the downtown area (all within walking distance to The Bank) that may not have been open during last year's state finals: Giordano's (already mentioned): Chicago style pizza on the corner of Illinois & Market Brother's Bar & Grill: typical American fare, a large tap selection, and kid friendly during the day located on South Meridian. Primanti Bros: Pittsburgh sandwich chain that puts the coleslaw and fries on the sandwich located on the corner of Illinois & Maryland. Pro-tip: get the 'slaw on the side (may be a bit overwhelming otherwise). Wild Egg
  18. Reminder: our beginners camp will start tomorrow evening. We look forward to seeing new athletes in our room. Please feel free to reach out to Coach Brady Eppert (bveppert@gmail.com) with any questions.
  19. Congratulations to Evan, we are blessed to have Evan supplement his training with us at CIA. Look for him to do big things on the mat and in the classroom for the Bears.
  20. Friendly reminder: we will close registration at noon tomorrow (Wednesday May 4th). We still have plenty of spots open before we hit 100. Please see details listed above to register.
  21. Also, if we have not hit 100 entries by Wednesday at noon registration will close at that time. So registration will close as soon as we hit 100 entries or Wednesday at noon, whichever occurs first.
  22. Lewdwar, thank you for your interest in our event, I am an assistant coach at CIA. We would love to have Perry send 50 guys. In order for anyone to wrestle all they have to do is: Fill out the google form (https://docs.google....=mail_form_link) Pay the $10 entry fee on Wednesday Please feel free to reply to this thread with any questions. *For the sake of clarity, we will not be accepting any walk-ins on Wednesday*
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