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    mymommasaid123 got a reaction from Dingo Brigade in Notable wins 1/13   
    113: #1 Brayden Curtis Yorktown over #2  Andrew Black New Castle 6-4 OT 
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    mymommasaid123 got a reaction from Websterk149 in Notable wins 1/13   
    113: #1 Brayden Curtis Yorktown over #2  Andrew Black New Castle 6-4 OT 
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    mymommasaid123 reacted to Fabio Jr. in News from a little birdie   
    For his sake he needs to get out of Indiana. Ersland is doing a great job but its not up to the level that will attract a CJ Red. Especially when you have Cael and Burroughs knocking on your door. (Even though I have more ISWA Univserity State Championships than both of them combined.....WHY DIDNT YOU SHOW UP COWARDS!!!!!!!!!! )
    PS if either Jordan or Cael read this please don't hurt me I'm tiny and like video games and Pro wrestling not sure it would look good for you publicly. 
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    mymommasaid123 reacted to jchas in Things I have learned over the last 4 years   
    1)  If you can't keep your mouth shut. ( and I can't)  Sit or stand far away from the mat.
    2)  You think your coaching during the match is helping...   It's not!
    3)  Don't talk to much on the message board.
    4)  Don't pay to much attention to the rankings.
    5)  Don't expect more from others than you do of yourself.
    6)  Regular season losses are almost never a bad thing.
    7)  The ticket round at Semi-State is the most stressful match of the year!
    8)  Let you son decide what type of wrestler he is going to be.
    9)  Surround him with good people and step back.
    10) It goes way to fast.  Make sure you and your son enjoy the ride.
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    mymommasaid123 got a reaction from ontherise219 in Notable wins and upsets!   
    132: Sage Coy over Jacob Stevenson by fall
    126: Hiestand was up 11-0 and pinned Tyler Flood
    Should be some more good matches today at conference...
    106: Cameron Diep vs Christian Hunt
    113: Alex White vs Josh Stevenson
    138: Brad Laughlin vs Jared Timberman
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    mymommasaid123 reacted to Caleb Spires in Mooresville Holiday Classic   
    Lol really? Interesting.
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    mymommasaid123 reacted to IU89 in Jeff Classic   
    "Cheated"??? How about a little discipline like the other 100+ kids had that made weight!
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