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  1. Hiestand was up big early in the match when it happened... should be interesting!
  2. 113: #1 Brayden Curtis Yorktown over #2 Andrew Black New Castle 6-4 OT
  3. 152: Eric Hiestand Yorktown over Jack Servies Perry Meridian 3-2 SV
  4. 106: Hunt, DeMein, Davis, Streeter 113: Pepple, Glogouski, Mosser, Stephenson 120: Miller, Loraine, Langeloh, Cauffman 126: Hiestand, Doster, Weimer, Gunsett 132: Knapp, Egolf, Maddox, Coy 138: Laughlin, Moore, Eicher, Franko 145: McCormick, Baughn, Bates, Levitz 152: Garman, Sturgill, Mullinix, Schieber 160: weimer, Baumgarter, Gray, Liter 170: Jackson, Luginbill, Ritchie, Davis 182: Hinkle, Eli, Hiestand, Clem 195: Howard, Dunten, Davis, Evans 220: Guerra, Ellis, Paz, Hobbs 285: Cummings, Swartz, Williams, Hiestand
  5. That could be a great match then! I didn't realize that
  6. first of all I would like to say my thoughts and prayers are with Mason Morningstar and his family. That's a tough way for a senior to go out and I hate hearing that... next, my opinion on Coy vs Stephenson. I would have to disagree with some of the posts I've read on the two wrestlers….. I'm not sure how anyone could say Coy is on another level compared to Stephenson… Coy won the match by 3 points.. and keep in mind two of his points were penalty points.. one for fleeing the mat and one for stalling. I will say I believe the lateral drop was in bounds and that would definitely have altered the final outcome, but it wasn't scored. the match was very competitive and I believe we'll see another great match this weekend between the two!! Coy is extremely explosive and strong. Both wrestlers have a shot at ending their season with a medal around their necks... with that being said…. my picks: 106: Hunt, Miller, Liter, Harris- I expect the finals to be very competitive with Hunt winning a close one 113: Stephenson, Mosser, Mendez, Goodwin- should be a very competitive weight. any of the top three coming out on top wouldn't surprise me a bit 120: Miller, Becker, Rutter, House- I would consider Miller on another level. Becker pinned Rutter at team state. Rutter and House for third should be a great match 126: Hiestand, Gunsett, Schliessman, Renner- Hiestand is a kid that continues to improve. Gunsett is a battler and is used to being in tough matches. should be a good one 132: Coy, Stephenson, Dudelston, Siefring- I think Coy has a little too much God given ability to lose. He has potential to be elite. Should still be a close finals match 138: Laughlin, Gutierrez, Ford, Brown- Laughlin is going to have to wait another week to even be tested 145: McCormick, Bates, Becker, Beeks- McCormick shouldn't overlook Bates… And if he doesn't, he should win handily (my state champ pick this year) 152: Busse, Burkebile, Perry, Leonhard- Burkebile has a great chance to win, but he's still a freshmen and I don' t think he has enough experience to pull off the win against a tough Bellmont kid in Busse (how many dang Busse's are there??) 160: Baumgarter, Gray, Liter, Drown- the finals match is one I am REALLY looking forward to seeing!! honestly wouldn't be surprised with either winning. both great 170: Jackson, Luginbill, Baker, Guy- I got Jackson winning the redemption match from earlier this year… will definitely be a great one though!! 182: Hiestand, Kohler, Hankenson, Baron- one of the deepest weights at the tourney… I could see about 5 different kids making it to the finals. Very deep! 195: Howard, Friedt, Evans, Stout- Howard should win and never should be in trouble. The scores may not show how dominant he will be though 220: Hangen, Uloa, Hughes, Brunner- the finals match should be exciting! 285: Hiestand, Bollenbacher, George, Phillips- another deep weight class!! you truly never know with heavyweights… Can't wait to was the semi finals and finals here!
  7. Mason Mendez Belmont over Jack Franklin homestead at 113 10-6 120: hunter langeloh CC over Jon Becker Belmont 6-2 126: Nate Weimer east noble over Daniel Gunsett Belmont 4-2
  8. 132: Sage Coy over Jacob Stevenson by fall 126: Hiestand was up 11-0 and pinned Tyler Flood Should be some more good matches today at conference... 106: Cameron Diep vs Christian Hunt 113: Alex White vs Josh Stevenson 138: Brad Laughlin vs Jared Timberman
  9. 106: Cummings 113: Pepple 120: Bailey 126: red 132: lee 138: James 145: Lawrence 152: forte 160: Hughes 170: Lydy 182: Osborn 195: Rypel 220: woods 285: Streck
  10. Dylan Lydy over Stevenson 3-2... Jackson vs Lydy this round
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