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  1. Nick Brady will wrestle at University of Indianapolis and David Kitko will wrestle at Manchester. congratulations
  2. tom knotts

    Need grades for these wrestlers

    Nick Brady is a senior
  3. tom knotts

    Minimum weight

    Is there a minimum weight to wrestle 106?
  4. tom knotts

    Please Help Me

    Prayers and best wishes Peck! Tom Knotts and all the Millers.
  5. tom knotts

    RIP Al Goddard

    Al Goddard passed away Saturday. Al was a visionary for Indiana wrestling and one of it's greatest supporters. He was a great friend.
  6. tom knotts


    Didn't Bill Willets win NCAA's as a freshman at IU?
  7. tom knotts

    1a how many advanced

    Noblesville 13

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