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  1. What happened to Daniel McClurg? Made it too semi state at 120 last year and beat Alston Jenkinson
  2. James had to cut to make 138 at ISWA state and Red walks around at like 130
  3. Tyler Fleener is prolly one of the funkiest wrestlers in the state. Him spladleing Drew Hughes was just too greatttttttt!
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if Jonah Hays goes to Cathedral next year. He's another stud and I think he won middle school state at 140. Nathan Walton is also extremely good but not sure where he goes to school.
  5. McClurg wrestled the Union City kid first. Not Jenkinson
  6. What all sectionals lead into this semi-state? Please answer
  7. Cj Red at 120 is a lock and 220 Gelen Robinson is also
  8. 138 is tough. Sam Buck from New Castles works hard in the offseason.
  9. I think seeding meeting is still Wednesday
  10. Brayton Lee - Brownsburg Took 3rd at Tulsa nationals and won USAW Preseason nationals. Also already a two time middle school state champ
  11. Max Buckley from Valpo did it last year at regionals and you all know he did
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