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  1. I would say its a different type of tough, but the 160 lb p4p will be just as tough. The p4p guy is likely a little more technical, and potentially quicker so its tougher in that sense, were as the 182 pounder will have more power. Ill admit I havent really paid as much attention nationally as I used to, but I know for a fact in years past some of those p4p guys were that much better and could very well make up that size difference with technique against a lower weight class ranked guy.
  2. P4P 8th in the nation is a whole different scenario then a 14th ranked guy in a weight class. It should be a very competitive match. Laplace isnt a typical alternate and was ranked 2 in the state for a reason.
  3. Excuse my ignorance, but has Goebel coached up another team? He was amazing and the program they had was amazing. But Snyder and wiesjahn turned brownsburg around immediately, has a nationally ranked team, and where was brownsburg before snyder and wiesjahn. Fabio might be riding Snyder's coatail(kidding wiesjahn, you know your stuff) but what was done at mishawaka, and now at brownsburg, gives them an argument
  4. After what Snyder accomplished at mishawaka, and how quick they turned around Brownsburg, i cant see how they arent close. If they keep doing what they are doing there could be an arguement.
  5. From what ive seen i dont think the weight difference will effect his explosiveness on his takedowns. As for his hands, we shall see.
  6. His desired weight class would be 125. He's been wanting to get into the ufc at 125. It might not be his optimal weight, but he's been asking for this for years.
  7. Malone from South bend adams and Swank from Penn. Malone won by major at the al smith. Then Swank won 6-3 at the NIC tournament. The the penn adams dual Malone won 4-3. They could see eachother at sectionals on during the state series.
  8. Tavonte Malone gets the win 4-3 against Swank today in the dual.
  9. Micic has a third loss, to Tomasellos back up.
  10. Whoa, I dont know if anyone told you this, but being proud of your kids is unacceptable. Stop that right now. Lock the passion down!
  11. It depends who you ask. There are some weirdos out there.
  12. After watching the Al Smith, I have to ask, is choking someone legal now? I saw some blatant chokes that were close to a rear naked choke in mma. That needs to be called.
  13. Well thats what makes the al smith what it is.
  14. Even guys outside of the top 8 were nasty. Rader not placing, had Baumgartner not injury defaulted, we could have seen him vs Goering to place. That was fun to watch, tomorrow is gonna be pretty crazy.
  15. I might have vested interest but 170 was pretty dang exciting.
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