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  1. Joe, I love how you're trying to school me on how it all works. You are good, but you still weren't there, and don't have all the facts. Nevertheless, I'm ok with your opinion. Should of, Could of, Would of ... HSE lost that dual, Zionsville is tuff and well coached. On to the rest of the season - I'm looking forward to it - should be exciting! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  2. Thank you. I don't understand your original post, then. I guess I took it out of context.
  3. You weren't there, Joe, and don't have the whole picture. You're making many assumptions. You are stating things as facts, when they are not facts. I'm not going to make excuses for why a team lost. But, I will defend a very solid team when somebody gets on here and says that the recognition in the rankings of said team is a joke. It's not a joke and the young men on the team are deserving of the recognition. Joe, I appreciate what you do for the sport but sometimes we don't see eye to eye.
  4. It's not more than a two match swing, Joe. Bottom line is, both teams are solid teams. Both deserving of a top 20 rankings.
  5. HSE vs Zionsville, actually, was a close match. Both teams are pretty solid.
  6. 120 Alex Sparks (LN) dec 13-11 Lykins (Franklin Comm.), 12/3/2011
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