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  1. Was that at a spring training game? He sure is a mobile little fella. Must have deep pockets to afford all of those plane tickets.
  2. Or Lee vs. Ditka. Not mini Ditka but full size Ditka in a no holds barred cage match. Now that would be something. I think Lee wears him down and wins in a marathon match for the ages.
  3. That's absolutely ridiculous. Blackwell is an absolute stud. How good is that 8th grader going to be?
  4. This is all ridiculous and should stop. Micic was phenomenal last weekend. Nick couldn't beat him then and who knows in the future. I'm sure Nick will improve tremendously over the next three years but we will never see the senior Lee vs. the senior Micic. If Red vs. Lee happens next year that would be great again, but until then give it a rest.
  5. I too noticed the curly headed intruder. He seemed dazed, almost uncertain of where he was. I hope the young man was ok and I'm glad security escorted him out before he caused any trouble.
  6. Micic proved today he should not be doubted.
  7. Aren't the favorites always supposed to win? I thought that is what made them favorites
  8. Incredible match by an incredible wrestler. He made his claim as the #1 wrestler in the state in any weight class. He's the man.
  9. MD's current tuition rate is about $5,200 per year without a voucher. No idea what the cost is with one.
  10. You do know what "fan" stands for right? If you do, you wouldn't be so surprised that Lee's fans expect him to win Saturday afternoon. Do Micic's fans expect any less from him? The answer to that is no, I'm sure. As a Lee fan and somebody that has seen him wrestle in tournaments, RTCs, practices, etc. I can't imagine him losing. Just the same as Mr. Micic's fans can't see him getting beat. I think we will all have to agree to disagree on this one until Saturday if finished, but if I'm a betting man my money is on Lee. Good luck to both and may the best wrestler win.
  11. "Winning" like Charlie Sheen. Maybe that's the problem.
  12. I was at the Evansville Semi-State and have no idea what you are talking about. I've seen every match Nick has wrestled this year and have no clue what you are talking about. Enlighten us please.
  13. And if he is, there is no debate or discussion. Period.
  14. Are they the sweet purple leopard print? Those are awesome
  15. The singlet is still traditional. The tights have been removed from the uniform. The new singlets look great.
  16. No I think this thread has taken dumb to a whole new level. You still don't support your argument with anything from the rule book. Before you try to get too dumb for me read the rule book and quote me the rule that supports your argument. You should be able to do that right? As you stated, "if you have any knowledge of the sport" you should be able to handle that. I'll be waiting
  17. Way to support your argument with facts or rules. You had to be captain of the debate team.
  18. Glad you thought it was cute. I do not claim to know if the call was correct or not. What I am against is the questioning of an officials integrity. I say it's a slap in the face and an insult they don't deserve. I don't claim to know the rules better than the paid officials. If I thought I did I would have told you by now
  19. Obviously you should never be an official in any sport. You probably shouldn't or won't ever have a job in management either. If too many employees started screaming for another week of paid vacation you couldn't possibly say no. Believe it or not some people in this world have backbones and integrity.
  20. I think it's terribly insulting to officials to claim they are swayed but fans yelling for their team. Do you think they're afraid they will be attacked by MD fans in the parking lot if they don't give a call? Seriously? Let's be honest, all fans scream and yell for their wrestlers and they should. Let's not pretend to think that fans yelling changes calls though. These officials are professional and their integrity shouldn't be questioned like that. If you don't like MD's fan base yelling louder than yours you should get more fans. Odds are you're from a larger school so it shouldn't b
  21. Karges is really underrated. Should be a great match
  22. Is there a need to call a fan base crybabies when questioning a call? Welcome to adulthood. When you get there.
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