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  1. Are you considering EMD a 3A school or 1A school?
  2. but he has an entire year to improve.
  3. Ok Hook, back in the day I was pretty dominate. Might reading and writing might not be to your level but I do the best I can.
  4. Don't be shocked. Anything could happen.
  5. Hook, I know it's been awhile. I don't believe you accurately remember the size of my head. Idaho doesn't have enough acreage to grow potatoes that large. You have the texture, or lack of, correct. I appreciate the wrestling analysis, but could do without the comparison of my head and a potato. I get insulted enough by my wife and four children.
  6. 145 no question. The match had lots of great action by both wrestlers. I thought both really looked to score. In the 120 match I thought one wrestler was pushing the action the entire match while the other was mainly blocking and being defensive. The semis at 182 and 138 were very exciting as well. Hats off to Mason Parris and Joe Lee for really bringing it as freshman. As always, a great weekend.
  7. I hear Mater Dei may take it a step further next year and go full out fancy warm up with hoodie. May even look into an alternating fancy shoe. Something like gold on the outside half and burgundy inside half. Not sure if my source is right on this one. The shoes seem a little far fetched.
  8. 1. Fernando Luevano,(Nick Lee's Friday night opponent) 2. Lat drop 3. Curt Zenthoefer 4. about 50 5. Yes
  9. I don't care what anyone else is ranked. Nick is "on another level" and "going to make some noise". He will NOT lose and really won't be tested.
  10. I don't think you could argue that if it were called.
  11. Kyles will not beat Clem. I'm not saying Clem is a "lock", but I'm pretty sure Clem takes it. Egli/T-Ferg will be a nice match. IMO Egli wins that match by pushing the pace in the first two periods. I just can't imagine that Ferguson has the gas tank he will need. Ferguson is a very good wrestler, but Egli has had a nice year and is a huge step up in competition from the Castle sectional at 120. I can't see Lockyear over McDaniels either. I would be shocked if McDaniels doesn't win the title.
  12. Yes, I would put him in that category as well. Maybe not to the degree that nobody is close to Nick Lee, but I think he majors the field without question.
  13. Hook, I'm sorry about the cephmaximus. I had no idea. I should be more sensitive. Mrs. WrestleMan has been trying to get me to sensitivity training for years, but to no avail. I'm a fighter and refuse to become "soft" just so I don't make people cry. I too am looking for to a few wrestlers making some noise this weekend. I think a few of those guys have something to prove and are out to shock the world. There may be a few upsets brewing in Paradise this weekend. I'm not sure why anyone would be looking to wrestle the whole six minutes though. If you can get it over with in 20 sec
  14. Couple of questions Hook. Whose head was Hookticia referring to when she spoke of the baked potatoes? Your head is rather large. I predict she could not find a potato that large. I also predict the Castle regional will hold it's own on champions this weekend. Overall qualifiers will still be weighted heavily toward Central. I'll try to squeeze some predictions in this week. Thanks for the great previews this year Mr. Hook.
  15. So it wasn't "easily" like it was over the summer?
  16. How bad did Schnell beat Jourdan?
  17. I'm not an optimist or a hypnotist, but I am a realist. Like an earlier poster said, MD will be dominate. Their is no question about it
  18. Hook, you want picks? I'll give you picks. MD will be dominate. Your crazy if you don't agree. There you have it.
  19. Luigs, Egli, Johnson, Lee, Lee, and Jourdan should all place very high at Banker's Life. Seems like they always get a couple of their lesser known kids to qualify and maybe place as well. Somebody like Bassemier and Forzley could do that this year. I know I'm not impressed either. MD barely beat Perry and they are far from impressive. MD can't even crack the top 25 nationally (they are at 29). ** Please read heavy sarcasm here.
  20. I also wouldn't count out Blake Jourdan or Kyle Luigs at EMD. I'm not saying they could or would win it but they will be in the mix and with a good draw who knows. Both could definitely place top 4 along with Nick Lee, Joe Lee, Will Egli and Alex Johnson. EMD could have 6 place top 4. Would probably have to have at least one champion and a couple of others make the finals
  21. Mater Dei's bus driver is a true professional and would never let that happen. He's kind of like the McGyver of bus driving. Just incredible to watch in action. That bus will not break down.
  22. There is only one guy who can win at 138. Period.
  23. Ahhh, but where does that put Joe Lee? Would make a little more sense that Joe would be at 126, Alex at 132 and Nick at 138. But then where does Blake Jourdan end up? Does he go to 145? Still lots of time and I'm sure it will all work itself out in the next three months, but it's going to be very interesting and competitive in that MD room.
  24. Absolutely fantastic tournament. Simply put, you're nuts if you don't go and compete. After months of summer training and very few competitive matches it's a great way to kick off the season. The competition level is high with many of the top kids from IL, MI and OH competing. Kind of lets you know where you stack up against some very good competition.
  25. I agree. I thought Lecount looked huge. I remember thinking he would go 138 this year, but it looked like he could have gone 152
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