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  1. Josh Pierre EMD 2011-2014 Lost Friday night freshman and sophomore year to Kyle Ayersman (3X champ, 1 time 3rd) Lost ticket round at semi-state as a junior to Devin Broukal from Bloomington South. Broukal placed 7th twice and 3rd as a senior. Lost Friday night senior year to Cody Lecount (2 time champ and a one time runner up)
  2. Man that's rough. Kicking a rat when he's down.
  3. I agree. Not a surprise at all
  4. Is that really a hypothetical question? Obviously you are speaking of Joe Lee and MD
  5. I would agree. I can't see Dickens above 132. I think naturally you could expect Dickens and Lee to move to 126,132 and 132, 138. That leaves the potential for an opening at 120 and potentially 126. Very possible we could see Kane and Clay Egli occupy those two spots, but only if Dickens moves up 2 weight classes. 106 and 113 are likely to be freshmen next year.
  6. Absolutely, to stand on that podium once and have a medal placed around your neck is an amazing accomplishment. He, his family, coaches and school should be very proud.
  7. Jacob will have to be one of the favorites to win it all at 113 next year. Already looking forward to 2018 finals
  8. Asa is special. No one would argue that. I'm sure he will won another title or maybe two before his high school career is over. As far as teams go and #thecounty, right now it's all #thebrownsburg
  9. Yeah seems like only part of #TheCounty held up their end of the deal #thebrownsburg
  10. Black was phenomenal tonight. Rumph is obviously a stud and Black destroyed him
  11. Joe just flat out dominated him. Unreal performance
  12. Unfortunately I'm going to see my streak of 8 come to an end tonight. It's a sad sad day for me, but next year with a high school freshman next year I will be back in attendance. Such a great event, I can't believe I'm missing it.
  13. MD might be decent in 2019 as well, but that's a long way from today.
  14. Cole Ross was the 110 pound champ, Scott Fitts was the 132 pound champ and Blake Boarman was the 117 pound champion. All three will be freshmen at MD next fall. MD also two other kids place top five that will be in that class.
  15. Mater Dei had 8 placers total. 3 champs 2 third 1 fourth 2 fifth All part of MCWC
  16. Hughes is an absolute animal on top. I personally like the riding time. If you can't score off bottom, can't score a takedown or ride someone out, your don't deserve to win.
  17. Following the official all over the mat showing him your arm seems to demonstrate you are looking for a call. I'm sure talking to the officials isn't against the rules, I guess I believe you should just shut up and wrestle/play. I'm sure he's a great kid. Hope we all get a chance to watch the rematch this weekend. Will someone please post again?
  18. I've watched several times. Always come up with 12-11 Black winning. Rumph really impresses me from his feet. Black seemed to be no match for him on his feet. Glad they get at least a couple more shots at one another. Should be very entertaining. I can't see Black slowing Rumph down much from neutral. Hope to see this one in person at Bankers. Black did seem to spend a lot of time talking with the official. I don't know that I've ever witnessed that much interaction between a wrestler and an official during a match before. Black seemed to be looking for calls/help. I think the official
  19. It must just be wrestling. They are pretty poor at everything else. Maybe need to pick up their wrestling recruiting budget too.
  20. Leading the All Nickname Team is North's Shawn "Ice Cream" Coane. That was good Hook. Thanks fro the preview too. Top notch as always.
  21. Mater Dei vs. Crown Point 2011 Team State - MD comes in as the big underdog and pulls off the upset. Great atmosphere Mater Dei vs. Penn in the semifinals at IHSWCA Team State Duals 2014. MD wins weight lowest 7 weight classes, Penn wins the upper 7, with MD pulling out the win with more bonus points. I believe the final was 25-22. Two of my favorites, but I had a son on both of those MD teams so I'm a little biased.
  22. My guess would be that Luigs will remain at 120, Konrath at 126, Will Egli at 132, Nick Lee (or Joe Happe) at 138, Wyatt Montgomery (Joe Happe or Nick Lee) at 145 and Joe Lee at 152. Matt Lee, Kane Egli, Clay Egli will have to fight it out for 113. Don't think any of the three can make 106 next year which would leave that to Caleb Hinderliter who is pretty good as well. I would also guess Wildeman would stay at 195 and Boots at 220 unless Boots fills out a bunch and is a heavy next year. That leaves vacancies at 160, 170, 182 and probably heavy. That's a pretty solid 10
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