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  1. Not sure what you mean by toxic, but true not to see everything through those blue and silver goggles. I’ll admit it when Perry is better than MD but to use the “big move” logic or “big in dual meets” logic is crap. These are two top 5 teams. At certain points in their wrestling lives they’ve all hit big moves or come up big for their teams. To say one team will and the other won’t is unrealistic
  2. So Perry gets a fall at 182 because Clayton is a "big move guy", but Mater Dei can't get a fall at 113, 120, 126 or 132? Also Perry seems to have two guys who "show up in dual meets". I guess the Mater Dei guys don't care about dual meets. Seems like fair, unbiased reporting.
  3. I think after today Brody Baumann needs to be in those rankings
  4. I’ll put on a show, but I’m guessing first period fall
  5. Obviously a very unbiased point of view . Cole Ross losing at 113 and Matt Lee losing by Major. Sure I’ll buy that Whatever...
  6. There may be a meet and greet Saturday between rounds. Stay tuned
  7. For those of us unable to watch, can anyone give a short match by match synopsis? How did KT look at 113? He's going to be a handful there.
  8. Hook, I agree it was a touching moment. While most members of the crowd will never be accused of being able to sing, myself included, together we all did a great job singing the beautiful anthem of our country. Kudos to the two ladies for having the guts to get things started and to all who joined in. Great job Mater Dei and Memorial fans.
  9. Polen is ranked at 113 and wrestling 132?
  10. Senior, Blaine Mayer is wrestling 138 for the Wildcats this year.
  11. Hey Spiderman, any good matchups to look forward to this weekend for MD? I thought Woodford County had a couple of studs. Where do they matchup? Trinity should have some solid wrestlers too. Have you done any research on them or Altoff Catholic? Inquiring minds want to know.
  12. Boarman also just started wrestling again from his knee injury that occurred at semi state in February. My bet is Blake will knock the rust off and be better when tournament time rolls around.
  13. How many state qualifiers participated last year? Anyone have any info?
  14. I usually agree with you shook but not on this one. To start North is 20 minutes closer to home for me. That helps a lot. I spent no time in the restroom nor at the concessions. Seating and view seemed fine from the upper level to me. I, for one, like the move
  15. Mater Dei won the Holiday Classic in 2013 and 2014. The only year they haven't won it was 2012. Union County did win that year. The other 2 years weren't really close actually. Avon was 5th in 2013 and 3rd in 2014.
  16. And Egli from MD beat Willis last Saturday. Sounds like a full day
  17. Hook, your obviously not keeping up with the news. Zeke has moved on to bigger and better things. He is looking to dominant another area. Will you be at the Classic Hook? Maybe we can catch up.
  18. Avon dropping out hurt, but even without them it should be a great two days of wrestling in the Mater Dei gym. There should be quite a few good matchups. I'm looking forward to Ervin vs. Lee at 138. Ross vs. Alstott at 106 should be a good one too. Anybody else have one they are really looking forward to?
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