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Everything posted by daddio

  1. Indiana is.coming alive my friends!!!
  2. when we put the team together we told the kids and parents we would have them back for finals, so ya your right it would have been a shame that we would of had to leave if we was in the finals. The schedule said finals at 2, thats what we based it off of. These young men wrestled there buts off, and every single kid was on board with the decision to get home, and 6 of them had finals, so graduate or stick around. They made the right choice. Very proud of the guys. Best trip we have ever been on!!
  3. These kids and us coaches had an absolute Blast!!!!
  4. our man deondre Wilson cant make the trip due to school issues. I need a stud to fill his spot this coming up Friday-Monday. this is pretty urgent since we leave late Thursday night, so call or txt me asap at 317-625-0466. Our team is stacked and need a beast to take deondres place. thanks
  5. Its full, with add on of Colton Gonzalez at 170! we are ready to roll!
  6. True Wrestling Insider is making a huge sponsor Banner to take around to national events and Indiana Elite will Be the first to Have Pictures with the Banner and posted on all social Networks and www.Truewrestlinginsider.com, $250.00 (or more) will get your company logo on the banner. Donate on the gofundme account, you can find the link on there facebook page True Wrestling Insider. or just follow this link www.gofundme.com/support-igwt . Thank you everyone for your support for this team and wrestling in general!
  7. Everyone is set in stone except our 180 backed out and Austin is going to bump up to 180 since he weights 191 after practice! this leaves us an open spot at 170, Entry Fee, Shirt, Shorts, and Singlet are covered by our sponsor True Wrestling Insider. Only cost would be if the wrestler is not going with a parent (or anyone) to cover the hotel room at $120. if parent is going and getting a room anyway they would be no cost to the wrestler. weight in may 23rd, and wrestle May 24th, 25th, 26th. msg me, txt or call at 317-625-0466. sooner I find a replacement the better, our roster is listed below. Thanks Mark  Today at 10:27 PM 106- Skylour Turner-9, 2014 IHSAA 8th 113- Garrett Pepple-11, 2013 IHSAA 2nd, 2014 IHSAA 2nd 120- DJ Smith-12, 2012 IHSAA SQ, 2013 IHSAA 3rd, 2014 IHSAA 1st, Ranked 15th in Nation ( U of I ) 126- Zach Davis-12, 2011 IHSAA SQ, 2012 IHSAA 6th, 2013 IHSAA 2nd, 2014 IHSAA 2nd ( Navy ) 132- Deondre Wilson-12, 2013 IHSAA 1st, 2014 IHSAA 1st, Ranked 17th in nation (undecided) 138- Josh Fuqua-12, 2011 IHSAA 2nd, 2013 IHSAA 6th ( Indiana Tech University ) 145- Cody Lacount-12, 2012 IHSAA 2nd, 2013 IHSAA 1st, 2014 IHSAA 1st, Ranked 11th in Nation ( Central Michigan ) 152- Evan Loe-12, 2012 IHSAA SQ, 2013 IHSAA 7th, 2014 IHSAA 4th ( Linsey Wilson University) 160- Vinny Cosaro-12, 2011 IHSAA 6th, 2012 IHSAA 2nd, 2013 IHSAA 2nd, 2014 IHSAA 2nd, Ranked 13th in Nation, Rutgers 170- Colton Gonzalez-11, 2014 IHSAA 7th 180- Austin Mccloskey-12, 2012 IHSAA 3rd, 2013 IHSAA 2nd, 2014 ( season ending injury 15-0) (Purdue University) 195- Jacob Aven-12, 2013 IHSAA SQ, 2014 IHSAA SQ ( Purdue University ) 220- Fletcher Miller-12, 2013 IHSAA 2nd, 2014 IHSAA 2nd, Ranked 10th in Nation ( Indiana University ) HWT- Wesley Bernard-12, 2012 IHSAA 7th, 2013 IHSAA 3rd, 2014 IHSAA 1st, Ranked 8th in Nation ( Rutgers
  8. you can also order just a shirt or just shorts at $20, http://true-wrestling-insider.myshopify.com/collections/fan-jerseys/products/indiana-elite-sponsored-team-gear-separated-shirt-or-short-only
  9. Indiana Elite is heading to VA Beach for the national duals. We are sponsored by True Wrestling Insider, they are funding the teams entry fee, and providing each wrestler with custom shirts, shorts, and singlets. To help with the sponsorship money our custom shirts and shorts are on sale on there website TrueWrestlingInsider.com, all profits go to our team. They also have a gofundme acct set up on their facebook page True Wrestling Insider, so go on facebook and join the group for updates on Indiana Elite. We will have profile pics and bios on each wrestler posted soon on the page. Go to Truewrestlinginsider.com click on shop online and order up some custom Indiana Elite gear!! http://true-wrestling-insider.myshopify.com/collections/fan-jerseys/products/indiana-elite-sponsored-team-fundraiser-gear
  10. we are being sponsored by truewrestlinginsider.com our roster is pretty nasty!! once our shirts and shorts are done you can order your own Indiana Elite gear! The team will be posted on there facebook page at True Wrestling Insider, join the event 15th Annual NHSCA National Duals to Keep track of Indiana Elite! 106- Skyler Turner 113- Garrett Pepple 120- DJ Smith 126- Zach Davis 132- Deondre Wilson 138- Josh Fuqua 145- Cody Lacount 152- Evan Loe 160- Vinny Cosaro 170- Austin Mccloskey 180- Jonathan Morales 195- Jacob Aven 220- Fletcher Miller HWT- Wesley Bernard
  11. hey coach, I lost your number on my new phone and I have a new one as well. please contact me asap, Mark Mccloskey (austins dad) at 317-625-0466 anyone that can get ahold of him please pass this on. thanks
  12. true stud! great job blake, well deserved to a great kid.
  13. Got 2 sets for all sessions. Suite 33,, $100 @ set. Txt me at 317-625-0466
  14. Very touching and very much appreciated and respected!! thank you all very much, its seems to some a small gesture, but it is huge to the Mccloskey family!! thank you!!
  15. thank you everyone.Austin said he will make Indiana proud and he is sorry if he let people down. If he could continue to be out there he would!! thanks for all the kind words!
  16. Well, i agree with the 170 being wrong. As you know Austin had to see multiple doctors to get released to wrestle, with the possibility of the muscle detatching from the bone. The worst case has happen, and Austins high school career has come to an end. Its a chance he took, and has been wrestling is severe pain. Its time to get it fixed and get ready for the bigger picture, winning a NCAA title for the Boilermakers. It is my son, but he is a tough sob, he has put his self through hell to try to make a come back but i guess it just wasnt in the cards and the good lord has diffrent plans for him. Its heart breaking but out of his control at this point. Hope to get the surgery and be recovered in time to go get a fargo title. That is the plan, thanks to everyone for all your support. The Mccloskeys
  17. obnoxious hat (check), big head phones (check), practice a little lip syncing (check), last run as a senior, priceless. In all seriousness, good luck to all and to all the seniors, this is it!! no regrets!! good luck to all indiana wrestlers, i pray that every one stays healthy and no injuries across the state!! good luck gentleman!! god bless!
  18. As most know he is fighting a injury, so he is resting until sectionals to be as healthy as possible.
  19. He actually has some pretty good rythem!! this stuff is to funny!!
  20. This talk about Austin is pretty funny. Austin just has a blast, win or lose his attitude is always the same. He is having fun, enjoying the sport he loves. He respects all, and disrespects none. Obviously you dont know him, or you would know its just a kid enjoying every moment of the sport he loves. He means no disrespect to anyone, and im sorry if some people look at it like that. I suppose there is always going to be haters. Austin (my son) is one of the most respectful kids you would ever meet. This is the first time i have ever had someone bash him for singing with his headphones on. Before you start bashing a kid, maybe you should make an effort to talk to him, then maybe your opinion would matter. Thanks to the people that are giving positive feed back on Austin, those of you that know him, know he is a great kid, and would give the shirt off his back to someone in need. and to the person that wants to bash a 18 yr old kid on a public forum, your ignorant comments speak for them self.
  21. Austin is back!!!!!!! the damage isnt as bad as we was told and cant get any worse. He has been released back to.competition!!!!! and he said it feels better just knowing its not as bad as we was told. Power of prayer is amazing! thanks everyone for your prayers!!!
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