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    hcsd309 reacted to busstogate in Congratulations Coach Flatt!   
    I brought a couple of my wrestlers to a USMC-sponsored clinic at Riley after my first year of coaching concluded.  He treated me very kindly then and every other time I ran into him at competitions.  A great coach and man.
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    hcsd309 reacted to bbulldog152 in 1982 ncaa   
    Came across this on Facebook wish ISU still had a team along with other disbanded programs.  Just thought I would share this.
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    hcsd309 reacted to Wade McClurg in Wrestling a Spring Sport   
    Winter Sports - January & February
    Fall Sports - March & April
    Spring Sports - May & June
    I have been saying this to anyone that will listen.  Shortened seasons are not ideal, but this might be the best and safest option for this year to try and "guarantee" seniors and all kids a school year and athletics.  This also allows kids to play multiple sports.  This would also give schools 20 weeks to figure out how to get back to live in-person school and educating kids in a safe manner, which should be the most important mission right now.  Would also like to think that 6 months from now we will have a better handle and understanding on Covid 19 and be able to get back to normalcy.  It is unnecessary to rush into a fall sports season, when we don't even know how school is going to work.  Would hate to get to week 2 of football season and be right back where we were in March.  Just my two cents... WE WILL WRESTLE AGAIN
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    hcsd309 reacted to davecloud in Edgewood H.S. voted 2020 NWCA Region 4 Assistant Coaching Staff of the Year   
    Congratulations to the wrestling coaching staff of the Edgewood High School Mustangs! They were named the 2020 NWCA Region 4 Assistant Coaching Staff of the Year. Coach Greg Ratliff's staff was the 2020 Indiana Assistant Coaching Staff of the Year. State award winners advance to Region selection. The Mustang staff was named Region 4 Staff of the Year and advanced to the national level selection process. The selection of the Mustang assistant coaching staff of John Bray, Marty Deckard, Toby Turner, Danny Coyne and Buddy Mitchell have represented our state well. 
    It has been a good week for Indiana High School wrestling at the national level. Penn High School's girls assistant coaching staff, in addition to receiving Region 4 honors was named the 2020 NWCA Girls Assistant Coaching Staff of the Year. Penn High School head coach Brad Harper was named Region 4 head coach of the year and was runner-up for National Coach of the Year honors. As Indiana's NWCA rep, it is my honor to commend the coaches of the Edgewood Mustangs and Penn Kingsmen for their excellence as coaches and for representing our state so well. 
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    hcsd309 reacted to davecloud in USMC Leadership & Character All-American Certificates Update   
    Coaches--I just spoke to Nate Naasz at NWCA. The Academic and Leadership/Character programs are officially run by the USMC. The NWCA compiles the information and sends it to the Marines for them to get the certificates. The program normally involves a U.S. Marine coming to the recipient's school to present the certificates. Since the Covid-19 lock down made that impossible I think the program was delayed. Nate has sent out the Scholar certificates (let me know if you have not received yours).Nate said he had contacted Col. Fallon who is in charge of recruiting in this area of the country. He has not heard back yet and will be speaking to him tonight and will ask again about the Leadership & Character certificates with hope of getting the issue resolved tonight.
    Sorry for the delay in getting these to you. 
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    hcsd309 got a reaction from FCFIGHTER170 in Hall of Famer passes   
    Hall of Famer Chuck Streetman has passed away. Chuck was a great ref for many many years!
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    hcsd309 reacted to Cael McCormick in Thank You   
    Indiana Wrestling Family,
    Thank you all for the amazing support throughout my 18-year career. I especially want to thank my parents, coaches, teammates, and mentors from around the state. I appreciate the sacrifices you made to help me reach my goals.
    Thank you to the Yorktown Wrestling family for developing me and my fellow Tigers. It is amazing to watch old teammates’ success at the collegiate level. Also, thank you to the administrators, officials, board members, and moderators (ISWA, IHSWCA, IndianaMat, etc.) for promoting Indiana wrestling.
    Thank you to the Army Wrestling program. I have lifelong friends, coaches, and mentors that elevated my game to the national stage.
    Thank you to anyone I missed in this message. There are so many amazing people from around the state, you all are incredible!
    Cael McCormick
    Yorktown ‘16
    USMA ‘20
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    hcsd309 reacted to Perseverance in Deserving Acknowledgments   
    On behalf of Silas, myself and the rest of our family....we want to bring awareness to how accommodating the IHSAA was for us this weekend.  All of us (including myself) at times get so caught up in what we feel they do wrong as it pertains to wrestling, we can easily become blinded to the multitude of right they do. Mr. Faulkens seen to it we had All-Access passes, and we’re allowed in our regular seats at our convenience.  That type of gesture deserves a lot of credit.  Because in what is always an extremely exhausting weekend.....factoring my health, my wife having to carry my breathing machine and our youngest daughter, without their philanthropic gesture, this weekend would not have been possible for me.
    I also want to commend Jacob Laplace and the Mishawaka Coaching staff.  They had a tremendous gameplan of counter wrestling by the edge of mat to slow Silas’ relentless pace.  We have been friends and thought a lot of Jacob and family going all the way back to 6th grade.  He and Silas were always summer teammates with the Outlaws and forged a bond that continues to this day.  Wrestling Family can be an equal bond as blood at times, because there’s such an understanding of the sacrifice involved for wrestlers, coaches and parents.  We have a lot of genuine love for many of the Caveman faithful.  Specifically the Sandefur’s, Fogarty’s, Walker’s and of course the Laplace family.  
    I’m extremely proud of Jacob’s effort.  He wrestled Silas as well as ANYONE has the last 2 yrs.  But more importantly....I’m proud of Jacob as a young man of faith. Indiana Tech stole a diamond in the ruff recruit!  But Coach Pompei will undoubtedly help grow his solid foundation to achieve tremendous things at the next level.
    -The Allred’s
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    hcsd309 reacted to Coach Humble in IHSWCA Hall of Fame Induction Today   
    I don’t think it is a secret society but you do make a valid point. I will suggest to Secretary Sam Riesen, up your way, to get the info to you to help us promote the event. Thanks 
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    hcsd309 reacted to Y2CJ41 in IHSWCA Hall of Fame Induction Today   
    Congrats to all!
    I really wish the IHSWCA would promote this event more. It seems like a secret society that gets the information about it every year.
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    hcsd309 reacted to Coach Humble in Most Consecutive Years   
    I went to my first State in 1965 but my consecutive string started in 1971 so congrats to my friend Pete. It’s like a family reunion but I can tell you as good as it’s in the stands it’s even better on the floor.
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    hcsd309 reacted to grappleapple in Three years and one day ago...   
    Rickie Clark and Robert Samuels put on the best consolation match spectacle in Indiana wrestling history.
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    hcsd309 reacted to busstogate in Most Consecutive Years   
    52 will be the winner so far in this thread.
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    hcsd309 reacted to Pete Schroeder in Most Consecutive Years   
    EVERY year since 1968.....
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    hcsd309 reacted to Coach Masters in Career Coaching Wins   
    Dave Cloud went over 400.
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    hcsd309 reacted to Wrestling Scholar in New Idea: Rotating Regionals   
    You make the point that a teams lineup is different each year,   but if you look at rankings or genius ratings from year to year,  there is an amazing amount of consistency in dominance of the top teams.    Look at Maligned's Quota ratio for each Regional for the last 5 years,  and its really amazing how very little variability there is year to year.   The weak Regionals stay weak and the strong regionals are always strong.   How many straight years has EMD won their regional?  And every year they have a different lineup.  Brownsburg,  Cathedral,   Perry Meridian have been perennial top 10.   With this plan, every other year, half the teams in the same regional will avoid the dominant blue bloods and maybe somebody new might have a shot at winning one,  well at least every other year.   I think a little change might make things more interesting.  I bet some coaches out there would be happy about avoiding EMD, Cathedral every other year. 
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    hcsd309 reacted to ENoblewrestling in I have an idea for a new top ten.   
    I think it would be cool if the officials rated the coaches on sportsmanship, I think that would help with coaches mistreating the officials... I'd be interested to see fan-bases get rated too.
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    hcsd309 reacted to nkraus in Team State adds 4A UPDATE: 8-8-12-12 teams (the people have spoken)   
    2013-14there were 22 kids on the Garrett squad
    2019-20 we started with 51 and are 49 or 50 now
    16-17,17-18,19-20 we made it.  Felt we were snubbed one...maybe two years.  We knew we were close though.  Funny thing is that we were a “bubble” vote in team this year yet we got 2nd.  We’ve been seeded 5th twice and placed 2nd both of those years.  Unseeded to 7th another year.  We knew we could win it this year or compete before we were voted in. In 18 we knew we had a shot as well and came close in a runner up finish.  This has definitely attracted kids!  Believe it or not...our success has improved our feeder system and we have good wrestlers coming up.  ......I’d bet that the same exists for other programs who are excited for the opportunity to win team state.
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    hcsd309 reacted to tskin in Team State adds 4A UPDATE: 8-8-12-12 teams (the people have spoken)   
    100% of the teams at Team State wouldn't be wrestling at Team State if the IHSWCA didn't do an awesome job at putting on this tourney.
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    hcsd309 reacted to RaiderColfax in How about these stall happy region refs?   
    And I’ve always hated people being critical on refs that have been doing this for YEARS. 
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    hcsd309 reacted to SharkBit in How about these stall happy region refs?   
    I don't post often but when I do and there may be opposing views I post my name so there is no confusion where my opinion is coming from.  This is Steve Sandefer Sr.  Yes my son is the current head coach at Mishawaka, but other than that I am not an official administrator or coach at Mishawaka.  I proudly support our community, school and team.  I love wrestling and try to positively promote the sport at all levels....not just self serving to our own program.  As such I do have some disappointment and contention to see such negative comments regarding individuals within a profession that give so much to support our sport of wrestling.  The officiating crew that worked the Al Smith are top notch gentlemen that have given many many years of service to this sport.  Many of those being criticized openly on social media are Hall of Fame individuals that have literally been involved in promoting this sport most of their lives.
    We will soon be reaching a crisis situation in our State if we are not able to recruit and develop young officials that will shortly be NEEDED to replace these lifelong veterans.  There is simply no way we can do this with the attitude displayed on social media by a few individuals that didn't have a match go their way this weekend.
    To the simple fan or parent I can with almost 100% certainty guarantee that in the coach's meeting prior to the first match that this crew of officials explained exactly how stalling was going to be called.  Most likely with examples for each situation.  I can also assure you that 32 teams of coaches relayed this information to their wrestlers.  But lets face it....we are still dealing with high school kids.  They are still going to back up, play the outside edge, not circle in, lay on their stomachs no matter how many times a coach yells "UP", ride the hips while controlling on top without moving side to side.  The philosophy is increased action.  I get it....the call does not always go your way...but to get on a public forum and call out an entire crew for bias, call out the tournament director for being at fault, calling out a Hall of Fame Coach and official by name.....there is in my OPINION no place in this sport that allows for positive to come from that action.  
    If you are a wrestler on a team, a coach, a parent, an alumni of a program or just a fan...you have a responsibility to REPRESENT your program with the dignity and character your program deserves.  Again IMO that cannot be done by casting shadows over others in our sport that selflessly have given their dedication and time to simply give YOUR kids the opportunities that are necessary for them to compete in this sport.  Also keep in mind that in particular to the Al Smith Invitational...the key word is invitational.  It has always been an honor to be a team that is invited and Mishawaka considers many factors when extending those invitations.  This year was no exception and may have been the best overall field ever.  If you have valid concerns that you feel can make this a better tournament...by all means...use the proper channels and communicate that with your coaches and Athletic Departments to relay those concerns to Coach Sandefer and his Athletic Department.  Negative feelings in the heat of the moment simply shared on social media doesn't really solve anything or even make you feel better if you are honest.
    Thankful for the support of our Superintendent and School Board as a few were in attendance, our Athletic Dept, Officiating Crew and table workers both days.  Our announcers Mike & Mike...Mike Reiser in the Cave and Mike Kensinger in the big boy gym.  Coaches, team, parents, fans & MHS Alum for helping to make this another great Al Smith!!  Remember I am just a FAN so don't hold my views against those that are working hard everyday for your wrestlers.  POSITIVELY PROMOTE THE SPORT.
    Steve Sandefer Sr.
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    hcsd309 reacted to WRFan in How about these stall happy region refs?   
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    hcsd309 reacted to RaiderColfax in How about these stall happy region refs?   
    By all means if you can do a better job go apply. 
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    hcsd309 reacted to cbarnett in Interesting Result   
    I know that the official was out of breath after the match at Gavit this week
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