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  1. Thanks. Thought it changed every two years.
  2. Just checking. Isn’t this a realignment year? Can’t find the sectional alignments. Thanks
  3. Any word on genius and categories? Thanks
  4. Ansstew

    Mid Southern Conference

  5. Eastern (Pekin)
  6. Ansstew

    Eastern (Pekin) vs. Salem

    Eastern (Pekin)
  7. Eastern (Pekin)
  8. Eastern (Pekin)
  9. Ansstew

    Jeff classic

  10. Eastern (Pekin)
  11. Ansstew

    Eastern (Pekin) vs. Salem

    Eastern (Pekin)
  12. Eastern (Pekin)
  13. Eastern (Pekin)
  14. Eastern (Pekin)
  15. Ansstew

    Eastern (Pekin) vs. Mitchell

    Eastern (Pekin)
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