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  1. Hwt in 09 Weighing 235. Currently I'm in the SHWT weight class hovering around 340-350. I'm almost twice as strong as I was in HS and I grew 2 inches,
  2. A name we always see up north every year is a FOWLER! Seems like they just copy and paste. They all look alike!
  3. Hes a combo of a 195 scottie, fattore, and arnold schwarzenegger lololololo
  4. D washington - Duck Under Portage
  5. "What did you do today to become a champion?" "Everyday you either get better or get worse, you never stay the same"
  6. Good Ol Leroy making it happen! Congrats!
  7. Big Dex 06 vs Streck 16 Dex was ranked #1 SR year winning nationals. Streck ranked top5 in the nation. Battle of the Pirates!
  8. Dexter Larimore! 2, 2, 1 winning it his senior year. Was a national champ his SR year. Playing Football for Ohio State and then on to the NFL.
  9. Leroy Vega. Before there was RWA in DA REGION there was Vega Wrestling Club and CIA Wrestling laying down the foundation for future wrestling clubs.
  10. Kenny and Drew Hughes! Man these boys both went to work on top, pinning from every which way! With K. Berry I saw him cradle everyone on his way to a semi state title barely breaking a sweat with a bum knee. Good ol 180 crossface cradle!
  11. I would have to go with cummings. Hes so nasty with them crossfaces, takes your will to wrestle!
  12. Tonte looked gassed all tourney. In his match with Larson he barely got that win, hanging on to catch that win. Similar to the finals match, wonder whats going on with him.
  13. I have to agree to disagree as well. I don't understand why the whistle was blown after Shawns first TD attempt. The entire match he was in control with the exception of that lateral. Even after the lateral he escaped and took him down again. Samuels was on his stomach dam near 5/6min of the match with his head down. I can see the frustration, and his emotions got the best of him, but when you set such high expectations for yourself its hard to deal with not accomplishing them. idk maybe I was seeing the match from a different angle.
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