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Everything posted by HolsteinKing

  1. NUWAY Nationals to be held at the Lansing Center in Lansing, MI on April 7-8. Seventh is individual tournament... Sunday is duals. Age ranges 6 years old thru HS. Link to tournament information: www.nuwaywrestling.com/nuwaynationals Being a NATIONAL tourney, requesting regional experience or higher. NO weigh ins required, but will accept the help if available. Pay is $375 minimum (working to get more), plus two nights (Friday & Saturday) accommodations 2 per room. Lunch provided. If interested, please contact Jon Millard at goshenredskin54@gmail.com or hoosierref2@hotmail.com
  2. HolsteinKing

    please fix Mat 3 stream, TrackWrestling!!

    All mats not doing anything here... and tried going to the archived videos... same darn thing... this is really frustrating.
  3. HolsteinKing

    please fix Mat 3 stream, TrackWrestling!!

    MISSING ALLRED AND CRESSELL NOW AT 182!!! I have been waiting for this one!
  4. HolsteinKing

    please fix Mat 3 stream, TrackWrestling!!

    Ever wonder what a BLee GIF might look like??? Turn on Mat 4's camera and check it out! UGH IS RIGHT! Three times a GIF and then freeze frame!
  5. Who will be broadcasting tonight and tomorrow thru the semi's, online?
  6. HolsteinKing

    Friday night / Saturday PRE-finals broadcast

    wasn't sure if it would be on Track or Region Sports. Thanks man!
  7. HolsteinKing

    Live Bracket Reaction Thread

    was on the ihsaatv site and still can't find the brackets. I see the link for the finals on Friday/Saturday. Can anyone help?
  8. HolsteinKing

    Brownsburg vs. Perry Meridian at 6:30pm Tuesday

    Is anyone having any luck watching this?
  9. HolsteinKing

    Jeremiah Reitz of Griffith commits to

    Doesn't hurt that there's an Indiana stud on the coaching staff there... Some guy named Ben Wissel out of Richmond, Indiana. Says he's been there three years now on staff. I wonder if Duke might start coming to the Hoosierland and landing some more of our better student-wrestlers. They sure got one in Reitz.

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