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    IU89 reacted to QuinnHarris in Matt Lee to Penn State?   
    He is signed up for Super 32 under Lee Homeschool, can't wait to see how he does at the next level with his brothers, an amazing family that has raised 3 amazing young men.
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    IU89 reacted to Y2CJ41 in State tournament   
    That's for those weak sports that class. 
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    IU89 reacted to Y2CJ41 in Miracle, Hildebrandt, Micic at worlds   
    She pinned the Brazilian at Pan Am's, she's in a solid spot from my (less than) expert view.
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    IU89 reacted to BrennanFan in Brennen Cernus Transfer   
    It’s hard for me to grasp a parent being upset about the coaching when their child ran thru one of the toughest state tournament series in the United States.  
    Dont know any details but Brennen was so dominant I just assumed he was helped a little by the coaching. 
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    IU89 reacted to No One Famous in Is Indiana's wrestling talent decreasing?   
    But you need to look at the guys in 2016, not what they did since after.  I think Asa as a freshman probably loses to Cernus.  I love Asa to death, as he is one of my wrestlers, but the reality is Cernus was pretty darn good. Were the tops kids from 2016 champs better, or have better careers, maybe.  I believe a better barometer would be the number of kids going to college to wrestle.  Is that number increasing or decreasing?  
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    IU89 reacted to Sig40 in Top 3 Kids at Each Weight   
    Preseason top 3(lets see how this shakes out)
    106: Goin, Miller, Hooper
    113: Cottey, Nelson, Diaz
    120: Seltzer, Bettich, Freeman
    126: Littell, Lowery, Roberson
    132: Mendez, Rioux, Heath
    138: Boarman, Bailey, Campbell
    145: Viduya, Reynolds, Koontz
    152: Rodgers, Coleman, Hall
    160: Dickens, Noehre, Wagner
    170: Walker, Calhoun, Ruhlman
    182: LaPlace, Parkinson, Lone
    195: Allred, Bates, Farrell
    220: Irick, Erb, Webster
    285: Devault, Parsons, Keys
    1st) Cathedral/Mater Dei 3)Crown Point/Brownsburg 5)Roncali/Warren Central
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    IU89 reacted to Stoney Hayhurst in Evansville Waaaaaayyy to Early P4P   
    Well I usually don’t  get on this site to look at the forums but this was brought to my attention.  This was not  the case of who he couldn’t or could beat.  There where many issues last year and we are glad that’s behind him.  Castle is a great school and we wish them well. We also appreciate everything thing they did and all the time they spent with  him.   For somebody to say who he couldn’t beat means you probably don’t actually know what was going on.  Mater Dei is a great opportunity for him not just for the wrestling aspects but for many other reasons.  “Well over his allowance” he was .1 over not sure if that classifies as well over.   That’s on him and hopefully he is at a different stage in his career where he won’t have to worry about that anymore.  
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    IU89 got a reaction from Leftenant Luers in Evansville Waaaaaayyy to Early P4P   
    That’s a ridiculous statement. He’s National top 10 in his weight class with a huge upside.  Any top wrestling program would love to have him. 
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    IU89 got a reaction from Jayruss in Evansville Waaaaaayyy to Early P4P   
    That’s a ridiculous statement. He’s National top 10 in his weight class with a huge upside.  Any top wrestling program would love to have him. 
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    IU89 got a reaction from backtothemat in Evansville Waaaaaayyy to Early P4P   
    That’s a ridiculous statement. He’s National top 10 in his weight class with a huge upside.  Any top wrestling program would love to have him. 
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    IU89 reacted to navy80 in Evansville Waaaaaayyy to Early P4P   
    Freshman- 28-7 @ 126 -  7th place
    Sophomore- 33-6 @ 138 - 7th place
    Junior- 41-0 @ 145 - 1st place
    I think Matt Lee turned the corner his junior year. Would have liked to see him stick around one more year and win another title for the South and Mater Dei.. 
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    IU89 reacted to Mattyb in Evansville Waaaaaayyy to Early P4P   
    I agree 100 percent. His upside is really high. Maybe he’s saying that penn state has been getting one of the top 3 in any  weight as recruits. With that said... I promise you if he goes the route that his brothers took, he will be able to wrestle with or beat anybody in his weight. Good luck to this kid (whatever he decides). 
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    IU89 reacted to B. Alan in US Open - Yianni puts on a show!   
    Definitely thought it was Zain's move. Yianni just wrapped the chest and went with it. The camera from the other side of the mat illustrates the sequence much clearer, IMO. Ultimately, the correct call was made. Sucks it's all become such a mess. No way in the world would I take on reffing a high level FS bout.
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    IU89 reacted to maligned in World Team Trials   
    Davison rolls in 2 matches. Lee rolls in the second match. Parris loses match one but comes back big in matches 2 and 3. All 3 guys will be repping the United States of America at the World Junior Championships in Estonia in August.
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    IU89 reacted to bigballerb in Flonationals 2019 Indiana Entries   
    Parkinson secures AA status as well 
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    IU89 reacted to Caleb Spires in NCAA Championships - Day 2 (Friday)   
    As a diehard Ohio State fan, I really want Joey to win a national championship before he graduated, but also pretty bummed that it(if he even does win) it had to come at the expense of Nick. Wish they could both be national champions. 
    That said, I wouldn’t count on Nick graduating without winning one.
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    IU89 reacted to Westforkwhite in NCAA Championships - Day 1   
    I know Parris deserved a couple of those stall calls, but that was silly. Stoll didn't take 1 shot, never attempted to turn, only pushes, and is rewarded with 4 points. That is just encouraging ugly no offense wrestling. 
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    IU89 reacted to wrestlenewbie in NCAA Brackets are released   
    I would argue that McKenna was gassed at the end of all three matches.
    Last year the difference was he had riding time. Lee gave up a bad take down with 1 second left on the clock at the end of 2 to loose the lead. He tied it at 6 in the third but couldn't overcome the riding time point. 
    The dual this year Lee was down 5-1 after 1 and then out scored McKenna 6-1 the rest of the way. When Lee got the final take down with about 30 seconds to go McKenna had nothing left and barely made an attempt to get off the mat.
    In the B1Gs it was almost a similar story. McKenna goes up 5-1 with Lee giving up another bad take down with 3 seconds to go in the first. The difference this time is McKenna puts on a clinic on how to defend. There are at least two shots that look like he is definitely giving up 2, but he keeps wrestling and fights off the take down (Flo calls it Matrix level D). In the third McKenna is very slow to return to neutral and Lee does get the take down on his second attempt with about 2 seconds left. I think if Lee finishes the first attempt in the third we see the same ending as last time. But he didn't. And all credit goes to McKenna for stopping him.
    That said, let me paint a scenario for you. Its Friday night and Lee is facing McKenna in the semis. They both wrestled Friday morning. McKenna looks bigger than Lee. That is because he is bigger. He has to cut harder to make weight. He has to stay at weight all day. Hard to do without an effect on the energy levels.  Lee is more natural at 141 and is less affected by multiple weigh ins. Now Lee avoids giving up the silly take down with zeros almost showing on the clock. It is a close match because they are closely matched, but McKenna finds himself even more gassed than normal in the third. 
    Lee/Diakomiholis under the lights Saturday night. 
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    IU89 reacted to SWINfan in Big Ten Tournament Thread   
    I started a separate thread for the BTT, but don't forget to check the Hoosiers in College - Post Season Results/Updates thread for updates on the remaining Hoosiers in the DII and DII National Championships Saturday, plus updates on non-Big Ten Hoosiers wrestling in conference tournaments this weekend.
    Wrestling starts at 10 am Central Time
    Some thoughts on draws from some of the Indiana guys.....
    @133 Stevan Micic is the definite favorite, but with Luke Pletcher and Roman Bravo-Young on his side, the Semifinal won't be a cakewalk.  He's handled Pletcher recently, but RBY is quick and a new opponent.  Desanto or Suriano will await on the other side.
    @133 Paul Konrath draws Pletcher first round.  Tough matchup.  Best guess is for him to place in the Top 8, he'll need to beat AA Ethan Lizak in the blood round.
    @141 Chad Red gets a pretty good draw.  He should beat Peter Lipari in round one.  He's 0-2 against #1 seed Michael Carr, but both were close so that is winnable.  If he gets to the Semis, Kanen Storr or Tristan Moran look better than Nick Lee or Joey McKenna.
    @141 Kyle Luigs drew Mitch McKee in the first round.  His path to place Top 8 is likely having to beat the loser of Storr/Moran in the blood round.  Might be too tall an order, though he has wrestled well as of late.
    @141 Nick Lee should be okay to the Semifinal where he will see Joey McKenna.  Lee and McKenna have traded 7-6 wins the past two seasons, so who knows what will happen there.  The winner of that match is the favorite to win it all.
    @174 Drew Hughes has a decent path to place Top 8.  He faces Joe Grello of Rutgers in the opener (Hughes won 4-3 in dual) and then Mark Hall in the Quarterfinal.  The brick will send him to the consis where he'll likely face Ryan Christensen or Mitch Bowman.  He's split two close decisions against Christensen, so that may be his hurdle to placing Top 8.
    @174 Jake Covaciu drew former IU Hoosier Devin Skatzka who beat him 8-3 previously.  Lose that one and he likely faces Dylan Lydy or Ethan Smith in the blood round.  He's wrestled both close so the possibility is there for the Soph.
    @174 Dylan Lydy will likely have to beat Ethan Smith or Jake Covaciu to place Top 8.  Could finish as high as 2nd.
    @197 Jake Kleimola - There are 3 potential roadblocks to placing Top 8 and all have beaten him before.  He gets MSU's Brad Wilton off the bat.  Lose there and he likely has to avenge an earlier 7-4 loss to Minny's Dylan Anderson.  Beat Wilton he advances to the consolation via a beat down from Bo Nickal.  With that path, his likely blood round match would be against Illinois' Andre Lee who beat him 4-2 early this season.  All are winnable matches but he's a definite underdog.
    @285 Mason Parris gets a tough, tough draw.  He's on the opposite side of the bracket from Gable Stephenson, which is good.  But he opens with former AA Hemida from Maryland.  Mason beat him earlier 7-6.  Get past Hemida and he faces Conan Jennings who has beat Parris twice this year.  Win those two tough matches and the reward is Anthony Cassar who handled Mason easily.  The worst scenario is for him to lose to Hemida and Jennings also lose in the first round.  Not a likely scenario. Should he lose one of the first two matches, he could face Fletcher Miller, Chase Singletary or Trent Hilger in the blood round.  A win over Miller would be likely, but the other two won't make it easy even though he has beaten them both (he's also lost to Singletary).
    @285 Jacob Aven has a tough road.  He faces Anthony Cassar of Penn St., then would likely see Iowa's former AA Sam Stoll in the blood round.  
    @285 Fletcher Miller gets OSU's Chase Singletary to start.  Singletary won by major in the previous matchup.  Lose that match and he likely faces Mason Parris, Youssif Hemida or Conan Jennings in the blood round.  He'd be a decided underdog against all three.
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    IU89 reacted to navy80 in Big 10 Preseeds   
    I was hoping Lee would get the first seed so he could avoid McKenna until the finals. 
    If the seeds hold, I can see Red upsetting Carr and making the finals. 
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    IU89 reacted to maligned in Who from Indiana got into D1 NCAAs? (FINAL list of D1 Starters' conference results and earned bids)   
    Luigs finished the regular season like a boss. According to Wrestlestat rankings, pins #29 Murin, falls 8-5 to #11 McKee, and beats #28 Debien 12-8. He's absolutely in the mix for one of the nine Big 10 spots if he keeps that up.
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    IU89 got a reaction from FWwrestling1996 in Mendez vs Frosh Nick Lee   
    I think Nick would win. But I realize we’ll never know. I do know that Nick went to Fargo Freestyle Nationals 3 times in HS and won 2 Championships and a 2nd. His only loss was to Zahid Valencia on his first trip. I’ll be anxious to see how Mendez does. I think that’s a fair measuring stick. 
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    IU89 reacted to Y2CJ41 in Congratulations forum for making it through the season withoug a major class post on class wrestling   
    Ahhh yes the old "work the hardest" statement. This is always one of my favorites. It is interesting how there more kids that work hard at bigger schools than smaller schools.
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    IU89 got a reaction from julio in New film, “Wrestle”   
    Looks good. Here’s the trailer 
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    IU89 got a reaction from FCFIGHTER170 in New film, “Wrestle”   
    Looks good. Here’s the trailer 
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