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  1. Sad
    IU89 reacted to Y2CJ41 in Doug Annakin(backtothemat)   
    Longtime poster Doug Annakin passed away Friday after battling brain cancer. I know he was very active on the site.
    Thoughts out to his son Baxter and the rest of the family on their loss.
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    IU89 reacted to aoberlin in Article: Oberlin taking over Homestead program   
    If I remember right you were helping me. So I see your point.
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    IU89 reacted to Jayruss in Macartney Parkinson of Evansville Mater Dei commits to   
    Great kid, great wrestler. Unfortunate draw this year.
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    IU89 reacted to Y2CJ41 in Macartney Parkinson of Evansville Mater Dei commits to   
    Congratulations to MaCartney Parkinson from Evansville Mater Dei for signing with Purdue. He is projected to wrestle 174.

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    IU89 reacted to JoshMed in The Ventilator Project   
    Former Zionsville Wrestler Tyler Mantel is the co-founder of the Ventilator Project where a team of individuals is working to create a ventilator that can be manufactured quickly and cost effectively in order to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Ryan Mantel, former Zionsville wrestler and coach, and Preston Mantel, former Zionsville wrestler are also helping on the project. 
    You can visit theventilatorproject.org to learn more or donate to this amazing project being lead by former Indiana Wrestlers. 
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    IU89 reacted to ehscoach in Norwell Team State   
    All the teams that are being considered for the final two spots were asked to send a report to our data collection guy. He puts all of the information together and sends it back to our panel of coaches who have looked over the "resumes". 
    In a few weeks, the panel will vote on the final teams after discussions.
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    IU89 reacted to backtothemat in Top Juniors   
    He might be getting a little bit better with that kind of training  😉
    Here’s to a healthy season next year!
  8. Haha
    IU89 reacted to maligned in Olympic Redshirt Question   
    Yeah, if they grant replacement Olympic redshirts for the upcoming year, it would be his third. Not many guys get to wrestle their last year of college eligibility in front of their grandkids, but Stevan is headed that way.
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    IU89 reacted to Ahawkeye in TrackWrestling Quant Simulated NCAA finals...interesting results   
    I say Lee takes Pletcher after watching some tape from Big 10's and also getting P.O.ed at Pletcher for holding up #1 finger. I could be a bit biased though!
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    IU89 reacted to Y2CJ41 in Eli Dickens of Mater Dei commits to   
    Congratulations to Eli Dickens from Evansville Mater Dei for signing with George Mason. He is projected to wrestle 157, 165.

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    IU89 reacted to DHScience171 in Would Nick Lee & Mason Parris have won   
    Had the NCAA D1 tournament not been cancelled would Nick Lee and Mason Parris have won this year?  It is all of course speculation but in my opinion Mason would have beaten Gable Stevenson decisively  and Nick Lee would have edged out Fletcher Lee.  Tough pill to swallow with so many great Indiana wrestlers as contenders this year.
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    IU89 reacted to Jayruss in One Trip State Champion   
    During that time period that was an understatement. Outside of that really good Central team mid 90’s MD JV would’ve dominated the Southwest and probably top 10 statewide. They were dominant, but more than that the state has come a long way. MD
    was just far ahead of the curve. 
  13. Thanks
    IU89 reacted to gsmith58 in Folkstyle State hurt by Corona?   
    I can't agree more.
    It's not the media. It's the UNKNOWN. The Chinese didn't shut down whole parts of their country because of media exaggeration. Don't trust the media go to the CDC, NIH, John Hopkins or State Health agency sites. Watch Congressional hearings.
    The flu infects at 1 to 1 this thing 'appears' to spread at 1 to 2. Cycle that out 10 times and you get 10 infections for the flu and 1K for Covid-19. And, the mortality of this thing 'appears' to be 10x that of the flu (A Facui before Congress yesterday).
    Italy went from 10 cases to 12,500 in two weeks with a 164 deaths yesterday alone. That's a growth rate of ~120,000% and even if you factor in increased testing that's astronomical.
    There is difference between panic and expecting our populace and institutions have a sense of urgency and being a "little irrational". No the world isn't going to end, but it's a serious problem, particularly for the 48M that are most at risk (including children with asthma).
  14. Thanks
    IU89 reacted to Y2CJ41 in Folkstyle State hurt by Corona?   
    This isn't the flu, there is no vaccine for this virus. This is a new virus that spread to humans in December and has now spread across the world and has a very high mortality rate. When the people who study these things are saying to be careful you probably should listen.
    The worst thing that can happen is people not taking this seriously and millions get infected and overload our already busy hospitals. 
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    IU89 reacted to Beef Stew in Folkstyle State hurt by Corona?   
    Mortality rate in 2009 was .01% to .08%.  This one is 12-100x more likely to kill you. 
    It’s not the wrestling community, it’s the school.  And the world we live in today. 
    Stay safe. 
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    IU89 reacted to TripleB in Folkstyle State hurt by Corona?   
    I just need my school out next Wed and Thurs so I can drive to Minneapolis. 
    I'm also set to lose potentially Thousands on my Wrestlemania trip
    It sucks but I'll take it to help eradicate this stuff.
    Since when did we devalue the lives of senior citizens? Like do you all drag your parents and grandparents out back and put one in the skull once they hit 65?
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    IU89 reacted to TripleB in Folkstyle State hurt by Corona?   
    I know every Karen, Bob, and Steve is suddenly a google/social media medical expert but check out what's going on in Italy. 10k plus infected, over 400 people have died since Monday. 
    I know this doesn't sit well w/ the conspiracy theorists and tough guys.......but let's try to not let that happen here. 
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    IU89 reacted to backtothemat in Greatest of All-Time   
    When did they wrestle?
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    IU89 reacted to Y2CJ41 in Top 10 Wrestling Events in Indiana   
    I think I counted 23* DI qualifiers that wrestled at IHPO.
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    IU89 got a reaction from FCFIGHTER170 in Big 10 Brackets   
    Or on Flowrestling
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    IU89 reacted to FCFIGHTER170 in Mason Parris Then & Now   
    He's put on 25 pounds of muscle since his jr world title!  The FS he's been training has went a long way in developing him into a better college wrestler! Scary how good he is when he's only focused only on wrestling the past few years!  Unreal talent and even better young man.
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    IU89 reacted to Wrestling4EVER in Tough Coaching Scenarios   
    well to be honest the one that came to mind to me right away was when Seltzer hit an illegal move on Bettich I believe in the Semis of state  and Bettich was clearly shooken up and it looked like a possible concussion because he hit his head pretty hard. Bettich was losing pretty good and had gotten beat all year by Seltzer and he coulda layed  there and took  the win. If he had done so a whole lot of history would be changed. The first part that would be changed would be the 2020 team state champs would be Crown Point,  the second thing would be the 120 pound state champion. also it would not allow Seltzer to have the opportunity to get 3 titles and 4x under the lights. I don't know Bettich at all but after seeing that it made me a fan for life. What I have always been told  is you find out more about 1 loss about a persons character than you do after 1000 wins. Excellent Job Riley.
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    IU89 reacted to wrestlenewbie in New Nick Lee article   
    With bonus Joe Lee content
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    IU89 reacted to Y2CJ41 in State tournament class statistics to not necessarily incite class wrestling discussion   
    Just came across this gem in the May 1993 Indiana Grappler

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    IU89 reacted to CFleshman in State tournament class statistics to not necessarily incite class wrestling discussion   
    So lets say Prairie Heights wrestling  Carmel in a dual meet isn't fair. But Prairie Heights being in the same Sectional is ok. A smart kid at a small school is above average at a large school. Class team sports has brought alot of small communities together. 
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