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  1. Like your picks. I agree mine has Hwt Atria
  2. So true definitely was some great Wrestling at Merrillville last night
  3. Well as the parent to Martin Cruz me and my husband want to thank you for the compliments and being a fan
  4. Well first I would have to say moving around wrestler worked for CP. At the DAC wrestlers wrestled there weight no bump up here and there. At the DAC there would be no Tsirtis/Sandefer or Shurg/Peppers But no excused CP had the better night
  5. Total domination really? Kral slammed Deluna until then he couldnt do anything the whole 1st period. Deluna DOMINATED Kral until he got illegally slammed...to stand there and keep laughing at the fact that you hurt a kid is what was really sad..
  6. Merrillville 182 lbs. is Eric Deluna not Eddie that was his older brother
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