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    Castle vs. Jasper

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    Jasper vs. Boonville

  5. Who drew Lutz Princeton at 132. He too isn't seeded, but could very easily win this weight. Or is he out for this tournament. What were the criteria used for this tournament? Can someone post them!
  6. Actually Moises didn't wrestle any of the guys. Sorry thought he did this past Saturday, but he didn't.
  7. I could not agree more. Something needs to change. A lot of the weight classes worked out fine. Hvy weight for instance. Moises never wrestled #1 or #3 but beat #4. He had a 1-0 record and was seeded 2nd. Which more than likely is a correct seeded weight class and makes sense. Then 126 is all out of wack. The way things look here you could be a 3 time state champ. Wrestled one weight class and was injured early in the year. You came back and wrestled another weight class but isn't seeded due to criteria or common sense. Kind of funny and not funny at the same time!! Criteria's are a
  8. Winter Bulletin 63 paragragh B line 5 "5. Coaches should strive to keep open minds when seedings are being decided. The main objective of seeding is to have outstanding wrestlers separated in the brackets so that they will not meet each other until the finals. Seeding shall be based upon the wrestler's proven ability and not upon the desire for unwarranted advantage." Wow is all I can say about how this tournament seeding came out. 126 Hemmings lost to Schitter. 132 Boger pinned by Sanders, 152 Kerstiens winning record, 160 Collon winning record versus 2 and 3 seeds losing rec
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