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  1. 145 - #6 Kevin Marsh (West Noble) upset by Zac Wilson (Northwood) 3-2 in the first round match.
  2. I tried pulling the video feed up from broadcastport.net and it isn't allowing me. Anyone else having this problem?
  3. 106 1st Delawrence Gayfield - Concord Dec 3-1 2nd Jay Franko - Jimtown 3rd Tony Vaughn - Elk. Memorial 4th Scotty Huff - Goshen 113 1st #16 Forrest Glogouski - Fairfield MajDec 11-3 2nd #17 Cody Flickinger - Elk. Memorial 3rd Henry Zelaya - Concord 4th Brooks Higginson - Jimtown 120 1st Jermel Moody-Neukom - Elk. Memorial Dec 15-11 2nd Cody Koebel - Jimtown 3rd Devin Puckett - Northridge 4th Josh Bustos - Goshen 126 1st #3 Nick Crume - Jimtown Fall @ 2:39 2nd Austin Ma
  4. Teams sending wrestlers to Regionals Elkart Memorial - 13 Jimtown - 10 Goshen - 9 Elkhart Central - 6 Northridge - 5 Fairfield - 5 Northwood - 5 Concord - 3
  5. Championship Matches 106 - Delawrence Gayfield (Concord) vs. Jay Franko (Jimtown) 113 - #16 Forrest Glogouski (Fairfield) vs. #17 Cody Flickinger (Elk. Memorial) 120 - Jermeil Moody-Neukum (Elk. Memorial) vs. Cody Koebel (Jimtown) 126 - #3 Nick Crume (Jimtown) vs. Austin Maynard (Goshen) 132 - #20 Trevor Echartea (Elk. Central) vs. Emilio Forrest (Jimtown) 138 - #9 Ronnie Bogle (Elk. Memorial) vs. Jake Kenney (Northridge) 145 - Kris Roberts (Elk. Memorial) vs. Marcus Williams (Concord) 152 - #9 Ryan Ntende (Goshen) vs. Johnny Treadway (Elk. Central) 160 - #18 Casey
  6. Does anybody know the score from the Forte(Mishawaka) vs. Echartea(Elkhart Central) match from yesterday? Yesterday was Echartea's first matches since his injury in the Turkey Duals in November. If anybody has his other scores from other matches too, it would be much appreciated.
  7. The Steven Walkley kid who won state at 140 last year got kicked out of school afterwards for disciplinary issues. He's not even on the teams roster for this season. What a waste of talent. Class wrestling or not, he pinned everyone at the state tournament. He seemed like a hothead on the show anyway. Just my judgement.
  8. Thanks for the update since I cant view the match. Anyway you can put both names and team score updates. Thanks!
  9. Thanks, Trevor Echartea is from Elkhart Central and apparently is injured but should be back before sectionals
  10. Just curious if there are are any state qualifiers from last year that are unranked this year due to losses or injuries? Inform please...
  11. I totally disagree, i think Que has a shot over Phillips if you ask me.
  12. Regardless of the outcome between the two, I still see Brooks coming out on top over Que or Phillips. Brooks' win over Petrov was a great match to watch. I also agree Que's draw is very unlucky, but i'm hoping he can pull it off to face Brooks in the Semis.
  13. I have seen undefeated Abraham Que wrestle many times this year. He's a state qualifier from last year who is a very smart, quick and shifty wrestler. His last second takedown over Schuyler Phillips to win 6-5 seemed very well rehearsed in his mind before he did it. My question here is, what are his chances of beating Cody Phillips in the second round at state, considering they both win their first rd matches? I have never seen him wrestle but i think it could be a very interesting match!
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