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Everything posted by luv2compete

  1. After watching the 2019 IHSAA state finals again for the 5th time, I would have to say the best, most exciting, back-to-back matches by teammates has to be Rodgers @152 & Slivka @ 160. Elliott needed to win to secure at least a tie in the team race. He was losing late in the third period and it didn’t look like he was going to get it done. Rodgers wins in OT!!!! WOW! Then his teammate Jordan is wrestling a national ranked wrestler, Washington. Jordan, the underdog, gets taken down early and It looks like Washington is in control. If Jordan wins, he secures the title for Cathedral. Jordan had the same scenario last year, where he had to win the clinch the team title. He did it last year and did it again this year. Just an awesome back-to-back performance from both wrestlers. The best I have ever seen by teammates.
  2. luv2compete

    Cody Klettheimer of Frankton commits to

    Yeah Cody!!! Glad to hear you are wrestling!!! We will follow you every step of the way!!! love, The Slivka’s
  3. Just an awesome State Finals and so exciting to see the fight for the Team Title between Cathedral and Avon. That kept the night very exciting!
  4. luv2compete

    Down #s

    If the numbers were down a bit at Bankers Life because of technology, then I am sure thousands of people were watching it LIVE all over the country. I know my family was watching from Colorado, Georgia & Florida. So I believe this event will always be the biggest in IHSAA sports!
  5. luv2compete

    Down #s

    I really think you are missing the big picture here. What makes this event the BEST HIGH SCHOOL EVENT in the state is everything about it! Think about how many wrestlers each year try to get to state? Over 6,000+ from all over. Then they go through sectionals, regionals and semi-State hoping to be one of the 224 wrestlers to compete for what they probably have been dreaming about all their lives!!!! Then, once they get to state, they hope to survive the that aweful FRIDAY NIGHT DRAW. If they win that match, they are guaranteed a spot on the podium!!! Now we are down to 112 wrestlers Saturday morning. And to make things more exciting, we all hope for those wrestlers that are not highly ranked to make a run at it! Not everyone is going to be a nationally ranked wrestler, which makes the drama even better!!! How boring it would be if every wrestler was nationally ranked. So now we have these 112 wrestlers battling their butts off to get the top prize!!! Nothing is more exciting to watch every year than the finals, under the light, no matter who it is. There’s nothing like it!
  6. luv2compete

    Fantasy Wrestling State Finals

    Curious how my bets came out? Picking all Cathedral kids had to pay off!!!!
  7. luv2compete

    Best Singlets/Compression Shirts & Shorts

    Cathedral in their gold robes!!!!
  8. luv2compete

    Best Singlets/Compression Shirts & Shorts

    Warren is rocking it!!!!
  9. luv2compete


    So where are the next 7 weights?
  10. luv2compete

    Fantasy Wrestling State Finals

    Got my picks in!! My Cathedral boys are so expensive but I took them all!!! GO IRISH!!!!
  11. luv2compete

    WAYL2 Help

    Jordan Slivka lost to Amine from DCC
  12. I just love these boys and their parents!!!! What an awesome family!!! I remember meeting little Isaac a few years back and we just struck up a conversation. I was so impressed watching him wrestle that I knew he was going to be good. Then we met Becky & Joe. Jon and my son have wrestled a few times but we are all friends. We plan to keep a close eye on Isaac. And we wish Jon good luck in his next journey. Donna & John Slivka
  13. Congrats to Roncalli!!! Well deserved!!!
  14. Cathedral 10 with 5 CHAMPS!
  15. luv2compete

    Here come the Irish song

    The dads from Cathedral wrote the song. They all plan on pursuing a career in song writing.
  16. luv2compete

    Here come the Irish song

    Liv V is her name. Check out her website. indieartistlivv.com
  17. luv2compete

    Cathedral vs Detroit Central Catholic

    Dundee won at 138, beat Wilson and Jordan Slivka , 160, pinned Buell.
  18. luv2compete

    Cathedral vs Detroit Central Catholic

    Second round Cathedral. 60 Woodhaven 9 Keep it going Irish!!!!
  19. luv2compete

    Cathedral vs Detroit Central Catholic

    First round of action Cathedral 58 Dundee 3 Way to go Irish!
  20. Here you go wrestling fans!!! sit back and enjoy!!
  21. luv2compete

    Cathedral vs Perry LIVE!!! Tonight!!!

    Yes, Cathedral wrestling Team has their own theme song and it’s awesome!!!
  22. luv2compete

    notable matches and upsets week of 1-2-19

    Sorry for the confusion.
  23. luv2compete

    Al Smith Predictions?!

    Hi Mike, Great job announcing all the matches!!! You are doing an awesome job!!! And I can tell you love it! Donna Slivka
  24. Cathedral dominating the field today! Cathedral vs Portage in the finals

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