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  1. It's definitely not a common site to see a female coaching a male wrestling team, but I did see my first over the weekend coaching at the Joe Parisi college open. At first I thought that she might have been a trainer just sitting in the corner but quickly realized that she was in fact one of the assistant coaches. For the life of me I can not remember the college but their kids were doing work.
  2. Huntington North's Kyle Jolas a true freshman is wrestling 165 at Lindenwood University St. Charles MO and places 4th today at the extremely competitive Joe Parisi open featuring several of the countries best D1 and D2 teams
  3. I thank all of you for you kind words and well wishes. There are so many people in this sport whom we would like to thank but we wouldn't know where to start and I wouldn't want to leave anyone out. Through out the years Kyle has learned so much from each of you. How to win to humility and lose with grace and class knowing that from each match and training session there is always something to learn from. We have an abundant amount of respect for all of you and thank you for Instilling your passion for this sport into Kyle as I know that he will carry it on through his life and try to do th
  4. After next week he will be up at Carroll's RTC To pick it up and get workout in Joe. He's been tied up with training for the Disney duals and getting last minute things done for school.
  5. HN's Kyle Jolas has signed his NLI to continue his education and wrestle starting next fall for NCAA DII Lindenwood University Lions in St. Charles Missouri. Kyle will double major in Exercise Science and secondary education and a minor in spanish with the hopes of coming home to Indiana and landing a job teaching and coaching giving back to the sport which has given so much to him.
  6. Unsure if the Elkhart Memorial invite has been cancelled or not but Huntington North will not be there. Their AD has cancelled all travel for today :'( this is very unfortunate since I was looking forward to seeing some great matches.
  7. 106 Logansport win by FF 113 Logansport win by FF 120 Logansport win by FF 126 HN win by pin 132 HN win by dec. 138 Logansport win by DQ 145 HN win by pin 152 HN win by pin 160 HN win by pin 170 HN win by pin 182 Logansport win by pin 195 HN win by pin 220 HN win by dec. 285 HN win by FF HN over Logansport 48-30
  8. About two years ago I was talking to a coach down state and His AD and they were discussing this very issue and how the IHSAA was pushing towards this. I never thought that I would see it happen but I guess I was wrong. This will be their way of making all sports other then Football and basketball club sports which in their eyes are non money makers for them.
  9. I am I'm supproting the CP Bulldogs and even though some think that this will be a down year for them I believe that they are one of the strongest Teams in the state once again, just like you get on here year after year and boast up Bellmont's program. Just noting that I've never heard of either and it's odd. I see several teams arou nd the state have made changes as well including here in the Region and that too is odd at the large amount of changes around the state but most of them I've heard of just My opinion. Hopefully it works out for them cuz that team has made large strides over the pa
  10. Thank goodness the season is now upon us all. In a month or so we will be tossing most of these ranking out the window as kids find their weight and get prepared for state but at least this starts the chatter on who and from where.
  11. i see some very interesting coaching changes this season, some good ones and others that just make you sit back and think WOW, what the heck is going on with that program ! :-\ :-X
  12. Isn't Molloy going 132 for the Super 32 ? and it would be a shame if James didn't wrestle. As for the kids you tossed in, the same could be said about them as well. If Jolas would of been on the opposite side of the bracket and not had Griffin in the first round He too could of been a returning placer as well.
  13. Out of the Peru Regionals, Huntington North has 9 headed to the Woodland / FWSS Champs at 112,130,135,189, & 285 2nd @ 125, & 145 4th @140, & 160
  14. LoL you're not the first person to think that, but He's not a coach at HN infact He's a huge Bellmont fan if you couldn't tell from many of his prior posts. But that's cool they can use all the help everyone can give as they make their own Home Grown Champs out in Huntington. :-*
  15. Wow, from what I saw Jolas was laughing when Kern's started with his unsportsmenlike conduct. In fact he was winking at his coaches and Peru fans and at one point. I even saw him waving to the fans who were booing him, egging it on after he reversed him at one point. Jolas dominated the match from start to finish and I too see the same resaults this weekend if they match up. 8)
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