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  1. And Penola went from losing 3-1 and 10-1 to closing the gap. Good job young man.
  2. Horrible call. Unbelievable call. Ridiculous call.
  3. I was quoting a movie dude...ever seen it??? hence the lol
  4. Wrestling is NOT a team sport....when your out there on the mat there's not a whole lot your team can do for you....lol
  5. 27-25 EMD up...Shrewsbury wrestling
  6. Runner up at 160 vs State Champ at 145....Announcers just questioned him moving to 160...they say he can ony go 152...drama is brewing
  7. These announcers don't know the team score....Roach wrestling now
  8. I hope not...8-7 CP with 30 to go
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